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In this post, we’ve included what we consider some of the top 5 pull out pantry DIY ideas. A pull out pantry is a great way to get your kitchen organized, plus it makes all of your pantry items easily accessible which is great for seniors, people with physical challenges, and those who just want to save as much time as possible. Add this to the fact that these ideas are all do-it-yourself, making them more economical and easy to customize than retail options, and you have a winning combination. If you are considering installing sliding shelves, and are looking for a great DIY option, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

Top 5 Pull Out Pantry DIY Ideas

Who Are Pull Out Shelves Perfect For?

Pull out shelves are a wonderful organizational tool for any kitchen, but they are especially great for professional or aspiring chefs, seniors, those with accessibility challenges, and parents.


Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook aspiring to improve your culinary skills, you will certainly benefit from installing pull out pantry shelves. These handy sliding shelves will give you quick and easy access to every ingredient in your pantry, saving you precious time for actually cooking.

Those With Accessibility Challenges

If you have difficulty getting down on your hands and knees and reaching to the back of your cupboards, these pull our shelves are perfect for you. Simply slide out your shelves and you will have immediate access to everything stored inside, even things in the back. If you would like someone to do the installation for you, contact our sliding shelf partners at Gliding Shelf Solutions. They offer free installation within Canada.


Moms and dads will especially enjoy these pull out shelves as they can save you precious time by making storing all of your pantry items a breeze. By installing upper sliding shelves you not only have convenient access to all of your pantry items but you will also double your available storage space. What parent isn’t looking for more storage space?

Top 5 Pull Out Pantry DIY Ideas

We’ve come up with what we feel are the top five pull out pantry DIY ideas. Read on, be inspired, and then get your tools out, ready to install your own creations.

1. DIY Shelfworks Pull Out Shelves

Our first pull out pantry DIY idea involves installing handy sliding shelves on your existing shelves. Any or all of the shelves in your kitchen pantry can be simply transformed into easily accessible pull out shelves with DIY Shelfworks sliding shelves. Just pull out the smooth gliding shelf and select what you need. Your shelves will stay neat and organized because you have access to the entire surface of your shelf.

2.  Slide Out Pantry In A Small Space

pull out pantry diy

Source: Pinterest from Hometalk

You may have thought that the narrow space between your fridge was only good for collecting crumbs that you constantly need to sweep away. Why not put it to good use and build your own pull out pantry for storing your canned goods and spices. This tiny space is the perfect place for extra storage. We found this image on Pinterest and it originally came from Hometalk.

3. Sliding Wire Baskets

pull out pantry diy

Source: Pinterest from

If you are looking for extra storage for your vegetables, these sliding wire baskets are a wonderful solution. It’s easy to see what is in them and they allow sufficient air circulation which makes them perfect for storing fruits and vegetables that don’t require refrigeration, such as potatoes, onions, carrots, apples, and tomatoes. This simple and economical pull out pantry idea came from Pinterest and was originally found on

4. Mini Roll-Outs

Source: Pinterest from The Family Handyman

If you don’t have a full sized pantry or the right place to install one, you can consider installing these half-height rolling shelves under an existing counter. Depending on the length of your countertop, you can have multiple units and each one can be pulled out individually to access your canned and dry goods from either side. What a great do-it-yourself project! We found this gem on Pinterest and it was originally pinned from The Family Handyman.

5. Why Stop At Just One?

Source: Pinterest from Sheila Zeller Interiors

If one pull out full sized pantry is good, then 4 must be even better, as demonstrated by this great idea from Pinterest, which came from Sheila Zeller Interiors. These multiple sliding pantries would be a welcome addition for any large family or for those of you who love to cook and don’t want to be running to the grocery store every few days. The extra space will allow you to stock up and buy in bulk, especially when you find a product you love on sale.

DIY Offers The Best Savings

If you like the satisfaction that comes with working with your hands to install helpful upgrades in your home, plus the savings that come with doing these projects yourself, then take a look at DIY Shelfworks. DIY Shelfworks sells directly to the consumer, cutting out the need for a middle-man, so that we can pass that savings on to you. We also offer free shipping from anywhere in Canada – another huge savings for our customers. All of our high-quality pull out shelves are manufactured in Canada. You can choose from either our premium #1 9-ply Baltic birch or our more economical and easy to clean melamine. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our shelves. If you are ready to make your kitchen more accessible and organized, order your own DIY sliding shelves today.