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Installing rolling shelves for closet organization: it’s a great idea! Rolling shelves are the hottest new organizational item for every room in your home and every closet. They make accessing items in the back of your closet fast and simple and they keep smaller items securely in place. Contact DIY Shelfworks today to order yours today.

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Rolling Shelves for Closet Organization

Rolling shelves are not just for the kitchen. They can also help keep your closet organized as well. You can install handy rolling shelves up one wall in your closet to make the most of the space you have. They work especially well in non-walk-in closets where it is hard to reach around the door and into the back corner. Deep linen closets are also a great place to install sliding shelves. Simply slide your shelf out so you can easily access those items stored at the back.

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If you have a wardrobe with shelves, you should consider installing pull out shelves on its existing shelves to make organizing and accessing your things such as socks, underwear, perfumes, makeup, toiletries, and more incredibly simple and convenient. DIY Shelfworks makes installing your own sliding shelves a breeze. All of our DIY kits are made in Canada from the highest quality materials and they are priced lower than other DIY pull out shelf kits. DIY Shelfworks uses 9 ply Baltic birch in their premium shelves to better withstand moisture and dryness. It won’t warp or split. We are so confident in the quality of our shelves that we offer a lifetime warranty. If you would like to find out more about how easy and economical it can be to have your own pull out shelves, contact us today.

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Additional Closet Organization Tips

Purge the Excess: The first thing that you need to do before you even begin to start organizing your closet is to get rid of anything that you don’t need or wear. This can be difficult if you are anything like me. When I go through my closet, I’m constantly plagued by the thought, “But I might wear that again.” However, you need to be tough. Taking up prime storage space with articles that you are not using just doesn’t make sense. That space can be better used to store the things that you really need. Here are a couple more tricks to help you.

Sort the Best and Donate the Rest: Use comforter bags that you have kept or purchased from a dollar store to store your old clothing or the items that you think you might wear again and store those in your basement, storage unit, garage or under a bed. If after 6 to 12 months, you haven’t missed these items, donate them to a worthy cause or a needy friend.

Use Comforter Begs for Off-Season Clothing: You can also use comforter bags to store your off-season clothing so that all of your bulky sweaters aren’t taking up space in your closet during the summer. The bags will keep them protected and easy to switch back to your closet once the season changes.

Reverse Hangers for an On-going Purge: An on-going trick for making sure that you only keep clothes in your closet that you actually wear is to turn all of your hangers backwards. As you wear an item, you can turn that hanger back around. If at the end of a year you have a hanger that is still backwards, the item of clothing on that hanger needs to be donated.

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Prioritize Your Things from Bottom to Top: Keep the things that you use or wear every day on the bottom, easier to reach shelves. These items include shoes, clothes, or towels. Items that you don’t use as often are best kept on the upper shelves like clothing that is not in-season

Roll Your T-Shirts instead of Folding: Rolling up your t-shirts and tops actually saves you space in your closet. They are also easier to see when they are rolled and they don’t wrinkle as much as when they are folded. Turning a box or plastic bin on its side and filling it with your rolled up shirts will keep the stack from tumbling over. Rolling your up your t-shirts and placing them in a pull out shelf is also a great organizational tip.

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Stand Up Your Boots: You can purchase inexpensive clips at the dollar store that will keep your boots standing upright and therefore easier to store. Another trick is to cut up a pool noodle to the height of each of your boots and stuff it inside. The noodle will keep your boots from falling over. They will be much easier to store and this will also help to keep the shape of your boot.


Reverse Your Shoes: It may seem like a simple trick but storing your shoes with the left one with the toe facing forward and the right one with the toe facing backwards will actually save you a lot of extra space – especially if you own a lot of shoes. You could even try storing your shoes in a pull out drawer in your closet to get them off the floor and to give you more space to buy even more shoes (because you can never have too many shoes).

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The following video shows some more great ways that pull out shelves can be used to help keep your closet organized.

DIY Shelfworks: Satisfaction and Excellent Customer Service

When you purchase sliding shelves from DIY Shelfworks you are sure to be satisfied. This is because we guarantee our premium custom made in Canada shelves to be free from manufacturer’s defects for as long as you own and live in your home. We also provide personal customer service. At DIY Shelfworks we really care about our customers, so if you have any concerns or questions about your sliding shelves, please contact us and we will make sure that you are fully satisfied.


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