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Convenient and easy to install roll out shelves will help you maximize your kitchen storage space, give you easy access to everything on your shelves, and streamline your cooking time. With spring here, now is the perfect time to start some spring cleaning. Installing convenient roll out shelves will give you a great head start on organizing and uncluttering your kitchen. Discover the amazing benefits of roll out shelves today. Contact DIY Shelfworks to order yours today and get rolling.

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Benefits of Roll Out Shelves

Save time making dinner: It’s amazing how much time you can save when you are not trying to find the lid that matches the pot you need to use or the search and search for the right spices in the dark corners of your cupboard. All of your utensils and condiments will now be quick and easy to access with your pull out shelves.

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Save money on extra groceries: Have you ever finally gotten around to doing a spring cleaning of your cupboards only to discover that you have three different jars of cinnamon and multiple boxes of cupcake liners? I have. And that’s because so many little items get lost in the back of my deep cupboards and I think I’m out so I keep buying more. Nothing will get lost in the back of a roll out shelf; everything will be brought out into the light of day.

Save your knees and back: If you are anything like me, your body screams out “Noooo!” every time you get down on your hands and knees to do a search for something in one of your base cabinets. Even asking your spouse to help out is a bit tricky especially with his their bad back. Install pull out shelves and both your knees and your their back will thank you!

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Save space: No matter how large your kitchen is or how many cupboards you have, you are always looking for more space. Roll out shelves will provide you with that coveted space without having to put on an addition or add extra cupboards. You’ll be amazed at how much additional space can be reclaimed just by making the backs of your cupboards fully accessible.

Empower your children: Your children will love the new found independence of being able to make their own breakfast now that they are able to have complete access to everything they need on a roll out shelf. You will also love the extra time to get yourself ready in the morning.

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Plan Before You Purchase

Put items of similar heights together: It’s a good idea to plan out what items you are going to store on your shelves before ordering them. Shorter items are best suited to the shallower shelves as you will be able to see them better. Taller items are better stored on deeper shelves to help support them so that they don’t topple over when the shelf is being moved back and forth.

Make a plan to maximize space: Knowing the heights of what you are storing will also help you maximize your storage space and allow you to install multiple shelves in a single cupboard. This pre-planning stage is also a good exercise in organization as it will force you to think through what you will put where instead of you simply putting something away wherever there is an empty space.

Start on the lower cabinets: If you are not sure about replacing all of your kitchen cabinets with sliding shelves, our advice would be to start with the bottom shelves. These are the most awkward to access as they require the most bending and stooping. Once you try the gliding shelves down low, you will probably like them so much that you’ll want to keep going.

Advice About Purchasing

Now that you are ready to try out rolling shelves, here are some tips to help you choose which shelves to buy.

Best Material For Roll Out Shelves

According to the the best type of material to use for pull out shelves is Baltic Birch plywood. This is because Baltic birch doesn’t have voids in the inner core, so the edges look great. If you compare Baltic birch to other hardwood plywood you will notice that it has thinner and more lamination layers in the plywood core. It costs a bit more than other plywood, but if you are looking for quality, it is definitely worth the investment.

Best Slides For Roll Out Shelves

You can get roll out shelves with two different types of slides: Ball-bearing and roller.

Ball-Bearing Slides: Ball-bearing slides cost more than roller slides and they are more difficult to install. They have the definite advantage, though of being able to extend fully. This will allow you to see the entire shelf. Most ball-bearing slides are able to support 75 to 100 pounds fully extended.

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Birch bark shelf with ball-bearing steel slides fully extended by DIY Shelfworks

Roller Slides: Roller slides, however, are only able to extend three-quarters of the way out. If the whole purpose of getting rolling shelves in the first place is so that you can access right to the back of your shelf, not getting slides that fully extend is a little bit counterproductive. Roller slides are rated to carry 35 to 100 pounds when extended.

How To Install Your Shelves

Whether you are an experienced handyperson or a weekend do-it-yourselfer; you can install roll out shelves quickly and easily in your existing cabinets. The following video shows you how simple it is to install a custom made shelf on an existing base cabinet.

If you would prefer to have someone do the installing for you, there are companies such as who can do that for you.

Summary Infographic

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Buy Canadian-Made & Save

By purchasing from DIY Shelfworks, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting Canadian business. All DIY products are 100% made in Canada, and all of our shipping is provided by Canada Post. What’s even better is if your products are shipped to a Canadian address, your shipping is completely free.  DIY Shelfworks is proud to be 100% Canadian and it shows!

Purchasing from DIY Shelfworks will also help you save. DIY sells all of their gliding shelves online, directly to you, our customer, removing the need for a middle-man. Because of this, they can pass those savings on to you. You can choose from either our premium #1, 9-ply Baltic birch or our more economical melamine. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our shelves. If you are ready to organize your home, order your own DIY gliding shelves today.


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