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drawer box kits

Our Drawer Box Kits Pull Out!

DIY Shelfworks drawer box kits pull out of your existing cupboards to give you easy access to everything stored inside – no more awkward reaching to the back of your cabinets! All DIY Shelfworks custom-made rolling shelves are proudly manufactured in Canada from your choice of Baltic Birch or melamine. They come in 3 different depths and are individually cut to perfectly fit inside your existing cabinets. Contact us today to place your order and see how wonderful it is to enjoy the ease and convenience of DIY Shelfworks custom rolling shelves. We’ll even ship your shelves in Canada for free!


Shelves made of our Economy melamine. These rolling shelves come with the brackets already attached.

Baltic Birch

This DIY Shelfworks product is proudly made in Canada from #1 Baltic Birch


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Advantages of DIY Shelfworks

Rolling Drawer Box Kits

Once you’ve tried rolling shelves, you’ll  wonder why you didn’t install them sooner. Her a just a few of the awesome advantages and benefits of having rolling drawers in your cabinets:

  • every single drawer will glide perfectly
  • easy, quiet operation
  • gain extra storage space
  • make it easy to retrieve all of your items, even those stored in the back corners
  • your cupboards will look incredibly neat and tidy
  • no more stacking
  • no more awkward reaching to the back of your cupboard
  • perfect for seniors and those with accessibility challenges
  • you won’t believe how much time you save by having your cabinets so organized

Fully Assembled Baltic Birch

Rolling Drawers

All DIY Shelfworks Baltic Birch drawers are manufactured in Canada from #1 Baltic Birch (9-ply) with baked on manufacture finish lacquer. They come in your choice of 3″, 5″, and 7″ depths. Each drawer has an easy to clean, birch coloured melamine bottom. They are custom built to perfectly fit your existing cabinets and they can support up to 100 lbs of weight when their steel rails are fully extended.

Economy Melamine Rolling Drawers

Are you on a budget? Why not try our economical melamine rolling drawers? These high-quality drawers are constructed with rabbet joint corners and dado bottom just like our Baltic Birch shelves. They are also custom built in Canada and their steel rails can support up to 70 lbs of weight when they are fully extended. They come with a 2-year warranty and we will ship them to you free of charge within Canada in 2 to 3 weeks through Canada Post. You can choose from either 3″ or 5″ depths.

Unassembled Baltic Birch

Rolling Drawers

If you want to save even more, and you really like DIY projects,  our unassembled kits are a perfect option. We’ll supply you with everything you need to assemble and install your new rolling drawers, even the white shelf bumpers. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected add-ons. All of our Baltic Birch drawer kits are made in Canada from #1 Baltic Birch (9-ply) with baked on manufacture finish lacquer. They come in 3″, 5″, and 7″ depths.


Choose from the following accessories for even more options for organizing your cupboards.

Baltic Birch Adjustable Shelf Dividers:

Further organize your DIY Shelfworks drawers by installing custom dividers. They can either be positioned front to back or side-to-side. You can also specify how far apart you would like the dividers located. Add up to 2 additional grooves for later adjustments absolutely free.

Spice Rack:

Keep your spices neatly organized with a handy spice rack. Each rack is custom cut to fit perfectly inside your chosen rolling drawer. These convenient spice inserts are also super easy to clean by simply removing them from the drawer.

 How To Measure

Don’t worry; it’s easy to measure. And if you have any questions along the way, we are happy to help. Simply contact us and our friendly and courteous staff will be pleased to assist you.
You will need:

  • tape measure
  • pen
  • paper

Step 1: Clear out your cabinet

Step 2: Measure the opening of your cabinet in inches.

Step 3: Subtract one half inch from your measurement. For example, if your cabinet is 24 inches wide then you want to write down 23. 5 inches.

Step 4: Measure the depth of your cabinet from front to back in inches.

Step 5: Subtract one half inch from this measurement too.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to measure your cabinets accurately.

How to Order Online

Step 1: Click here to go to the DIY Shelfworks shopping page

Step 2: Select the type of sliding shelf – either Baltic Birch or Economy

Step 3: Select the depth of shelf you would like – 3″, 5″, or 7″ sizes are available

Step 4: Enter your measurements and how many of each type of shelf you would like

Step 5: Add your shipping details and pay by credit card or PayPal

All orders from Canada will be shipped to you, FREE OF CHARGE through Canada Post in 2-3 weeks.

The DIY Shelfworks Difference

What sets DIY Shelfworks apart from the rest? Our no-frills products with the best value and quality available on the market. And to top it all off, we offer our custom, Canadian-made rolling shelves at incredibly low prices – up to 40% lower than the comparable rolling shelves of our competitors. Visit our website today to place your order.