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If you want to finally get your kitchen in order, here are what we consider the 7 best kitchen organization videos on the Internet. Organizing your kitchen can help save valuable time especially if you are a busy working mom or dad, single parent, or someone with a full schedule. An organized kitchen will also look tidier and give a better impression if you are the type of person who loves entertaining your friends and family. Our favourite idea of them all is converting the shelves of your kitchen cabinets into handy pull out shelves. If you would like to see how easy and economical it would be to install sliding shelves in any cabinet in your home, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

7 Best Kitchen Organization Videos

Kitchen organization ideas are taking over the Internet and if you haven’t got the organizational bug yet, we thought we would give you a little nudge in the right direction. Here we have collected 7 of the best and most watched kitchen organization videos online. For more organizational tips for your kitchen, read our blog  Best Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Organizers.

1) Organized Kitchen Tour:

How to Organize Your Kitchen


Why it makes the list: Can you say colour coordinated to the max? Wow! Even if her husband had a tendency to leave kitchen cupboard doors open, like mine does, it wouldn’t matter in this kitchen. Not only is everything neatly stored in its place, but it’s all colour coordinated with white and teal dominating almost every nook and cranny. We especially love her pull out shelves. If you would like some of your own, click here.

Easter Egg: Did you notice that the brand of Clorox pop-up wipes that she has is also the perfect shade of teal to match all of her cleaning tools under her sink?

Length: 16:33

Source: At Home With Nikki

2) Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

Why it makes the list: This video is full of small and inexpensive storage tips that make sense and are pretty creative. For example, her idea to use blue baskets from Dollar Tree to store extra bottles of water is handy and it looks awesome. We also like her idea to use cool
cookie jars to hide things you use often but don’t want just laying out on the countertop. I’m definitely going to try that one. We also like her suggestion to use a large glass jar to store dishwasher pods – they look pretty and you know when they are running low.

Easter Egg: Did you notice that her dog loves the camera and pops into the shot at every opportunity? Well, at least part of him does. You see his tail first, then later on his snout and finally his whole body sneaks into the last frame.

Length: 4:59

Source: Sparkly Blonde 1

3) Kitchen Organization Ideas

Why it makes the list: We liked this video first of all because she actually had the nerve to show before and after shots of her clutter under the sink and her pots and pans cupboard. She also gives some handy tips such as rubbing a little vaseline on the suction cups of her sponge and brush holder to help it stick better to the inside of her sink.

Easter Egg: What is it with dogs and videos? Did you notice that the dog in this one went to the cool dog dish she bought for him, grabbed the dog biscuit on top of the food, and walked away? I guess he likes to eat his biscuits in private.

Length: 6:30

Source:  VasseurBeauty

4) Pantry Makeover – Pantry Organization Ideas

Why it makes the list: This video specifically deals with organizing your pantry. I love that she showed us the before shot prior to starting. It really gives you a great sense of what a bit of organization can mean. She had some awesome ideas to help you store your food like buying containers with rubber inner seals which will help items stay fresher longer. And of course, the bonus of getting to listen to a cool Australian accent for about 14 minutes!

Easter Egg: Did you notice her canned goods? They have pop and peel off metal tops. No need for can openers! I wonder if Canada will ever get those?

Length: 13:46

Source: Ash Jackson

5) Organized Kitchen Tour on a Budget

Why it makes the list: This lady knows how to save money and still be organized. We love that a wine bottle doubles for a rolling pin, now that is an inventive money saving feature! And the idea to use two baking pans with marbles inside for a diy lazy susan is especially creative. She also has installed handy slide out shelves in several of her cabinets. If you are interested in installing pull out shelves in your own kitchen, click here.

Easter Egg: Did you see the sweet little girl acting as “Vanna White” in training? Adorable, but you have to be watching carefully or you will miss her.

Length: 7:13

Source: My So-Called Home

6) Real-Life Kitchen Tour

Why it makes the list:  This is a real-life tour of a kitchen complete with fingerprints, crumbs and dirty dishes. Because this kitchen belongs to a family of eight – mom, dad, and 6 boys- it’s very helpful to hear how this busy mom has organized her kitchen and her family to help make the most of her time. If you have the time, it’s interesting to see the progress of her complete kitchen renovation. If you are short on time, you can skip ahead to 5:50 to start the organizational part. 

Easter Egg:  You get a glimpse of this busy mom filming her kitchen in the reflection in the mirror at her drink station.

Length:  37:31

Source:  Coupon to Provide

How to Organize a Small Kitchen – Before and After

Why it makes the list:  In this video, a professional organizer tackles a small kitchen while the owners are away. It shows the before, during, and after effects. The tiny kitchen is really cluttered so the transformation is quite amazing. And the most astonishing part is that she only spent $36 on organizational devices.

Easter Egg:  If you have good eyes, you’ll notice that the owners may be Toronto Maple Leaf fans. There is a Leafs’ glass partially hidden in one of the cupboards. Perhaps that means that they are closet Leafs’ fans?

Length:  7:53

Source:  Clutter Bug

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Kitchen Organization Videos

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