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Are rolling shelves really superior to traditional stationary shelves in your kitchen? Yes! If convenience, organization, and accessibility are important to you, then installing handy rolling shelves over your existing stationary shelves is definitely worth the effort and relatively small investment. To learn more about how rolling shelves can save you time and frustration with constantly searching your cupboards for the items you need, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

If you are wondering if installing rolling shelves is really worth it, the following chart will give you a quick comparison between rolling shelves and traditional stationary shelves. Read on to find out more details.
Rolling Shelves vs Stationary Shelves

Rolling Shelves – Pros

  • Custom made rolling shelves can be easily installed to perfectly fit any existing cabinet of any age or size.
  • Rolling shelves are great for storing cookware, pots, pans, and small appliances for easy access.
  • They can be added at any time to your cabinets so they are a great choice when you are doing a kitchen update.
  • Rolling shelves give you easy access to items stored at the back of your cabinet.
  • Rolling shelves are easier on your body, as they eliminate the need to bend and stretch for those hard to reach items. This is especially helpful if you struggle with arthritis or other mobility challenges.
  • DIY’s 9-ply Baltic birch shelves have a weight capacity of 100 lbs when they are fully extended and the melamine shelves have a 70 lb capacity.
  • Save time finding items, especially those located at the back of your cabinets.
  • You can choose to add additional organizational inserts into your rolling shelves such as a spice rack organizer or dividers to help keep your baking sheets tidy.

Rolling Shelves – Cons

  • You do lose some cabinet space width due to the installation of the sliders and the edges of the rolling shelves. Tip: Place items that have a narrower base and wider tops such as bowls along the sides to gain back some of the lost space.
  • Items may fall off the back of the shelf if it is pulled out too quickly. Tip: Install different shelf heights to accommodate different sized items.
  • Rolling shelves will need to be installed, however, by following these simple videos, the installation is quick and easy. If you prefer, you can have your pulling shelves installed for you by our affiliate Gliding Shelf.

How to Install on a Base Cabinet or Full Upper Shelf

How to Install on a Short Upper Shelf

Stationary Shelves – Pros

  • Stationary shelves are already installed in your kitchen cabinets.
  • If you have existing cabinets, no extra costs are required.
  • Adjustable kitchen shelves with 4 metal clips can support about 100 lbs. of weight while plastic clips can hold about 40 lbs. of weight.

If you would like to add additional shelves into your existing kitchen cabinets, here is a helpful video.

How to Install Cabinet Shelves

Stationary Shelves – Cons

  • With stationary shelves, it is more difficult to access items stored at the back of your cabinet.
  • Stationary shelves are harder on your body, as you need to bend and stretch for those hard to reach items. This is especially difficult if you struggle with arthritis or other mobility challenges.
  • Organization is more difficult with stationary shelves, especially if you want to organize the backs of your cupboards as well.
  • It takes more time to find items as you cannot see or reach everything inside, especially in deeper cabinets.

DIY Rolling Shelves

Baltic Birch Rolling Shelves

Our #1 Baltic Birch (9-ply) rolling shelves have a baked on manufacture lacquer finish. Their full extension steel rails are able to support up to 100 lbs of weight and they come with a lifetime warranty and are custom built to fit your existing cabinet perfectly.

Economy Melamine Rolling Shelves

If you are looking for a more economical sliding shelf, then you can choose our melamine version. They are also manufactured in Canada, custom built to fit your existing cabinets, and come with a two-year warranty. Their full extension steel rails can support up to 70 lbs of weight.


Adjustable Shelf Dividers – Go one step further in organization by adding helpful dividers to your new Baltic Birch Custom Rolling Shelves. They are fully adjustable to any width to fit your particular needs.

Spice Rack – Keep your spices organized and tidy with our handy spice rack insert. We will cut your spice rack to fit perfectly into your new custom built rolling shelf. Our spice racks are easy to clean and simple to remove.

Get Rolling With DIY Shelfworks

DIY Shelfworks would love to help you get your kitchen rolling with convenient, custom-built drawers that easily roll out. All of our DIY kits are made in Canada from the highest quality materials and they are priced lower than other DIY pull out shelf kits. DIY Shelfworks uses 9 ply Baltic birch to better withstand moisture and dryness. It won’t warp or split. If you have any questions at all, please contact our friendly and helpful staff. We will always take the time to answer you.

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