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Can a Canadian-owned company possibly compete with IKEA? Find out here. IKEA definitely is a great place to shop for a multitude of household items, but if you know what you want and are looking for the best quality and price available, there are alternatives to Ikea. In the realm of pull out shelve for kitchen cabinets, IKEA has a competitor in DIY Shelfworks if you are looking for high-quality, custom pull out shelves that you can install in your existing kitchen cabinets. Learn more about DIY Shelfworks today.

Pull Out Shelves For Kitchen Cabinets:

IKEA vs DIY Shelfworks

When you think of storage and organization solutions, the retail outlet that often comes to mind is Ikea. But is there an alternative to Ikea? Ikea definitely has an incredibly wide selection of household products, but if you are looking for pull out shelves, DIY Shelfworks may be a better choice. DIY specializes in pull out shelves that are custom made to fit into your existing kitchen cabinets. IKEA sells Maximera drawers which can also be installed into your existing cabinets. The following chart gives you a summary comparison between IKEA and DIY Shelfworks.

Materials Used


The Maximera drawer back is made of steel, pigmented epoxy and polyester powder coating. The drawer bottom is constructed of particleboard, melamine foil and laminate.

DIY Shelfworks:

DIY Shelfworks offer you two different styles of pull out shelves, to suit your particular needs and budget.

1. Baltic Birch: DIY Shelfworks premium shelves are custom made from #1 Baltic birch (9-ply) with baked on manufacture finish lacquer. They also feature an easy to maintain birch coloured melamine bottom.

baltic birch rolling shelves

2.  Melamine: If you are on a budget, you can choose their economically priced melamine shelves. They are made with the same construction as the premium birch shelves using rabbet joint corners and dado bottoms.

Special Features


Maximera drawers have a self-closing feature. Its built-in dampers make the doors close slowly, quietly, and softly.

DIY Shelfworks:

DIY Shelfworks’ rolling shelves come with the brackets already attached which means that they are easy to attach to the bottom of your existing cabinets. Their full extensions steel rails support up to 100 lbs of weight and allow you to take advantage of every inch of storage space in your cabinets. Shelf bumpers are also included in the purchase price. You can access your base cabinet and plumbing with simple to push shelf release safety clips. You can also order great accessories for your shelves like custom-made dividers and a spice rack insert.

pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets ikea

Make your kitchen more accessible and organized.



Ikea offers a 25-year limited warranty on their Maximera drawers.

DIY Shelfworks:

DIY guarantees their premium custom made-in Canada rolling shelves to be free from manufacturer’s defects for as long as you own or live in your home. Their economy melamine shelves are guaranteed for 2 years.



Ikea offers either delivery right to your home or to an Ikea pick up point. You are charged based on the type of delivery you choose (parcel or truck), the size, weight, volume, and value of your order, as well as the delivery destination.


With DIY Shelfworks, all orders are delivered free of charge to anywhere in Canada through Canada Post. Find out how easy it is to install your own DIY pull out shelves by clicking here.

Sizes Available


IKEA Maximera drawers come in 3 different shelf depths and 10 standard sizes. If you require a different size of shelf you may be able to make it fit by following the instructions on this site: Ikea Hackers.

  • 15 X 14 3/4″ and 15 x 24″
  • 18 X 14 3/4″ and 18 x 24″
  • 24 x 14 3/4″ and 24 x 24″
  • 30 x 14 3/4″ and 30 x 24″

Available Depths:

  • 3 1/8 inches
  • 5 5/8 inches
  • 8 3/8 inches
cabinet sliding shelves

The laundry room is another great place to install sliding shelves

DIY Shelfworks:

DIY Shelfworks shelves can hold almost double the amount of the IKEA shelves. In addition, each DIY Shelfworks pull out shelf is custom made to fit your cabinets perfectly with width sizes up to 31″. You can also choose from 3 different shelf depths. Here is a breakdown of the sizes available for both the birch and melamine shelves.

Premium Baltic Birch
Available Widths:

  • Small – 0 – 16″
  • Medium – 16″ – 23″
  • Large – 23″ – 31″

Available Depths:

  • 3 inches
  • 5 inches
  • 7 inches


Available Widths:

  • Small – 0 – 18″
  • Medium – 18″ – 30″

Available Depths:

  • 3 inches
  • 5 inches

melamine pull out shelves



IKEA Maximera drawers come in 10 standard sizes. The following are the prices for each size, current at the time of posting this article.

  • 15 X 14 – $29 and 15 x 24″ – $35
  • 18 X 14 3/4″ – $33 and 18 x 24″ – $42
  • 24 x 14 3/4″ – $41 and 24 x 24″ – $52
  • 30 x 14 3/4″ – $49 and 30 x 24″ – $60
  • 36 x 14 3/4″ – $57 and 36 x 24″ – $66

Pull out drawers are perfect for the bathroom too!

DIY Shelfworks:

DIY Shelfworks shelves are custom made, so the price will vary depending on the width and the depth that you choose for your shelf. The following are the price ranges current at the time of posting this article.


  • 3″ Deep Shelves – $78 – $95 (depending on the width of your shelf)
  • 5″ Deep Shelves – $93 – $105 (depending on the width of your shelf)

Baltic Birch Shelves

  • 3″ Deep Shelves – $99 – $149 (depending on the width of your shelf)
  • 5″ Deep Shelves – $109 – $159 (depending on the width of your shelf)
  • 7″ Deep Shelves – $129 – $169 (depending on the width of your shelf)

Our sturdy Baltic Birch drawers can hold up to 100 lbs fully extended



Why Choose DIY Shelfworks

DIY Shelfworks sells directly to the consumer, cutting out the need for a middle-man so that we can pass those savings on to you. We also offer free shipping anywhere in Canada – another huge savings for our customers. All of our high-quality pull out shelves are manufactured in Canada. You can choose from either our premium #1 9-ply Baltic birch or our more economical melamine. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our shelves. If you are ready to make your kitchen more accessible and organized, order your own DIY sliding shelves today.