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In this post we will talk about how easy it is to get your own pantry drawers DIY style. We’ll discuss how to measure your cabinets for your pantry drawer installation, how fast they are delivered, and how long they take to install. And as an added bonus, we’ll also give you a list of the top 10 must have items that you should always keep handy in your pantry. Pull out drawers are a great time saver and a wonderful way to help you get your pantry organized. If you would like to make your pantry more accessible, contact us today.

Pull Out Pantry Drawers DIY: Saves You Time

It’s amazing how much time you can waste if you have a pantry that isn’t easy to access. You may find that you spend unnecessary time pulling out the items at the front to reach what is on the back shelves. Or maybe you spend extra time just trying to locate the items that you need. If you take on average 3 minutes to locate the items that you need to prepare your meal, over a year, that can add up to over 2,000 minutes or 36 hours of searching – and that is just based on only cooking two meals a day. Think how much easier it would be if you could simply pull out your shelves and quickly see everything at a glance. That’s the beauty of DIY Shelfworks pull out pantry drawers.

In addition DIY Shelfworks sliding shelves are:

  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Sturdy: the Baltic Birch shelves can support 100 lbs. weight fully extended
  • Shipped within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Easy to clean with malamine bottoms
  • Custom built to fit your existing cabinets

Advantages of Baltic Birch

Baltic birch is a type of plywood originating from the area around the Baltic sea. Its layers are made of 1.5 mm thick solid birch veneer that is cross-banded and laminated with exterior grade adhesive which is thicker and stronger than ordinary plywood. This process produces a void-free core that makes it an extremely stable sheet. It also has a thicker face veneer than traditional cabinet grade plywood.

How To Measure Your Cabinet For Your Pantry Drawer

  • Gather together a tape measure, pen, and piece of paper
  • Clear out your cabinet
  • Measure the opening of your cabinet in inches. Subtract one-half inch from your measurement. For example, if your cabinet is 25 inches wide, then you want to write down 24. 5 inches.
  • Measure the depth of your cabinet from front to back in inches. Subtract one-half inch from this measurement too.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to measure your cabinets accurately.

How Long For Delivery?

From the time that you place your order online for your new sliding shelves from DIY Shelfworks, they will arrive within 2 to three weeks. As a Canadian company, we are proud to ship our products through Canada Post and we also provide FREE SHIPPING within Canada! Once your shelves have left our warehouse, we will send you a tracking number by email so you can monitor their progress.

How Long Do They Take To Install?

DIY Shelfworks pull out pantry shelves are very easy to install yourself and depending on how fast you work, can be ready to use in less than an hour. The following video gives you step by step instruction about how to install your own shelves. Take a look and see how simple it will be to install your own shelves.

This next video gives you specific instructions to follow if you are installing a short upper shelf.

What Foods Should Be Easily Accessible In Your Pantry?

According to the Cooking Channel the following is a list of the top 10 cooking items you should be able to easily access in your pantry.

1.  Canned Tomatoes: Canned tomatoes are a must have for many soups, pasta sauces, and even queso dips. It’s always a good idea to have several cans on hand.

2. Broths: Whether you prefer, chicken, beef, or vegetable, broths are a great building block to add flavour to many dishes or to begin any type of soup.

3. Dried Pasta: Pasta is so versatile and you don’t have to worry about it going bad, so have several different shapes and varieties on hand such as spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, and macaroni.

4. Canned Beans: Beans are a great economical source of protein. Keep your pantry stocked with a good supply of black, kidney, garbanzo, and navy beans.

5. Canned Tuna: Tuna is another healthy and convenient source of protein and it is so easy to add to pasta, sandwiches, and casseroles.

6. Dried Fruits: Dried fruits are a wonderfully healthy snack and they will also liven up your desserts and fruit salads.

7. Olives: Make sure you have a ready supply of olives in your pantry for pizza toppings, pasta dishes, tapenades and just for snacking.

8. Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are great for breading chicken, mozzarella sticks and giving some extra crunch to soups and casseroles.

9. Tomato Sauce or Paste: Tomato sauces or paste are perfect for making homemade Ragu sauce or pizza. They also add great flavour to beef stews.

10. Rice: Rice is a staple in most diets around the world. Try stocking your pantry with a variety of white, brown, wild, jasmine and basmati.

DIY Shelfworks – Proud To Be Canadian

DIY Shelfworks is proud to be a Canadian company. All of our products are finely crafted in Canada and we only use Canada Post for our shipping. We take pride in the quality of our products and are happy to sell them to you at the lowest possible price. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our sliding shelves that we guarantee them. Contact us today to place your order for your new, Canadian-made sliding shelves.