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Organizing kitchen cabinets can be a real challenge. From full sized, modern kitchens to tiny, space challenged apartment kitchens, these 10 best space saving hacks can help you put order to your cluttered and disorganized cupboards and drawers. We have found ways to utilize the unused vertical spaces in your kitchen as well as other spots such as the sides or your cabinets and in between your appliances and the walls. We also will also show you how you can turn your shelves into handy roll out ones. If you are interested in finding out how easy and economical it is to get DIY Shelfworks rolling shelves, contact us today.

1. Make Your Shelves Slide

organizing kitchen cabinents

Source: DIY Shelfworks

We think that this is one of the best ways of organizing kitchen cabinets. Converting your existing static shelves into ones that slide is a brilliant idea! It gives you easy access to every item you have stored in your cabinet, even those in the back corner. Simply slide out the shelf and pick out what you need. No more bending and stretching. This is especially helpful for people who have mobility challenges. It also allow you to easily organize everything in the cabinet, because the entire area is accessible for rearranging. In addition these awesome sliding shelves are manufactured in Canada by DIY Shelfworks.

2. Use The Ceiling Of Your Fridge

Looking in your fridge, you may notice that there is a lot of unused vertical space. Fill that valuable space up by hanging any food items with a metal top like pickle jars and beer bottles from the ceiling of your fridge. It’s easy to do once you install a few magnetic strips to the top of your fridge. You can purchase these handy strips from

3. Over The Door Hangers

organizing kitchen cabinets

Source: Pinterest –

These over the door hangers displayed in the photo above, are a great temporary solution for creating extra space on the inside of your cupboard doors for baking sheets or cutting boards. The nice thing about this idea is anyone can do it; you don’t even need a screwdriver or a hammer. Simply hang the frame over your door and start organizing. We found this great idea on Pinterest but it originally came from

4. Hang Pots From Your Ceiling

You’ve probably seen pots and pans hanging from the ceilings of the very high end kitchens on television, but why should this great idea be reserved for only the posh kitchens. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a scaled down pot hanger that is perfect for smaller kitchens. Why not make the most out of the space overhead. You have it, use. It will give you more room in your cupboards for other things.

5. Under Shelf Storage

organizing kitchen cabinets

Source: Pinterest –

We love this idea from Pinterest that came from You often have wasted vertical space inside your kitchen cupboards that could be used. This handy under the shelf tray is perfect for storing your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and other wraps neatly and within easy reach.

6. Magnetic Knife Strip

Instead of having your sharp knives taking up space in one of your drawers, not to mention being a possible dangerous safety hazard, install a magnetic knife strip under one of your kitchen cabinets or on your back-splash. You can either purchase one; or if you like do-it-yourself projects, check out this website called Man Made DIY which will teach you how to make your own.

7. Hanging Plastic Bags

Source: Pinterest – Glamshelf

The above picture shows you another great way you can make the most of extra vertical space, but this time in your pantry. Simply hang a small wire rack from the underside of one of your shelves; and then use a shower hook and clips to cleverly hang bagged spices or dried soups, etc. You will be able to see exactly which bags you have at a quick glance and the ones that are already open will be less likely to get knocked over and spill out everywhere. This idea came from Pinterest and was originally pinned from Glamshelf – Home Improvement, Decor and DIY.

8. Side Space Saver

Source: Pinterest – Relish

Another area where you can find some extra storage space is on the sides of your end cabinets. We especially like this idea for redeeming that wasted space because it fits in beautifully with the decor of the above kitchen. The mounted black trays tie in nicely with the black counter top and the wicker baskets echo the wooden tones in the cupboards. We found this stylish and practical way of organizing kitchen cabinets on Pinterest and it came from Relish originally.

9. Place Your Utensils in Containers

Free up space in your kitchen drawers by standing up your forks, spoons, and butter knives in decorative containers on your counter. This idea from is not only space saving but it is also a more hygienic way to store your utensils. Grouping frequently used utensils together and placing them in pretty containers on your counter top helps to keep them organized and within easy reach. It also frees up your drawers for items that you use less often.

10. Slide Out Pantry

Source: Pinterest – ClassyClutter

In a cluttered kitchen, even six inches of space can make a huge difference to organizing kitchen cabinets. Here we have a clever way to use the wasted space between your fridge and the wall. We found this slide out pantry idea on Pinterest, and the directions to build your own are found on

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets – By DIY

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