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New kitchen cabinets can completely transform your kitchen and give it a totally new look and feel. Adding in new kitchen cabinets can quickly transform any kitchen from outdated to beautifully modern. Not only that, new cabinets can significantly increase your kitchen’s functionality! If you want to keep up with current trends, this article outlines the top 8 trends in 2018 to help inspire a modern design of your own. To learn more about ways to make your kitchen work best for you, contact DIY Shelfworks today.


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Kitchen Cabinets: Top 8 New Trends in 2018

See below to find your own kitchen inspiration with these awesome kitchen cabinet design trends of 2018!


#1 – Shelves & Cabinetry Combination

Retrieved from HGTV.ca; Photo by: Tracey Ayton; Source: greatcanadianhomes.ca


You may notice that as you walk through your favourite home furnishings store that there are more and more options for completely open shelving or cabinetry/shelving combinations like the shown in the image above! This trend continues to go strong throughout 2018. It’s a simple design to incorporate in your kitchen redesign – but it can also be added to your existing kitchen if you aren’t up for an entire renovation! Sebring Design Build comments on this trend, and reminds homeowners to be careful what you put on your shelves! Because it is all out in the open, you want to avoid overdoing it or you could end up with a sloppy or messy-looking shelf.


#2 – Open Shelf Islands

Source: Houseandhome.com; Photo by: Donna Griffith


Judging from design trend #1 on our list, it is really no surprise that we are also seeing a huge increase in open display islands too. Exposed shelving continues to be popular all around the home, and the kitchen is no exception! These beautiful kitchen islands, which are also perfect additional kitchen cabinets for storing tons of items, look even better with added shelves! Like we see in the picture above, it is the perfect place to store your favourite cookbooks, attractive centrepieces, or vintage kitchen decor you picked up at that recent yard sale!


#3 – Lighting Under Your Cabinets


Under cabinet lighting has always been around. However, we are seeing lighting added with design in mind, rather than solely for function! As more and more homeowners make the switch from incandescent bulbs, the trend towards LED lighting for kitchen cabinets grows. LED lights are the perfect choice for under cabinets because they do not give off too much heat – a problem that many have faced with traditional bulbs.


#4 – Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Source: Houseandhome.com; Photo by: Valerie Wilcox


Not only have we seen a surge in contrasting colour combinations (such as black cabinets with bright white countertops), but we are also seeing more and more mixed material cabinets. Check out the quick video below to learn more about this two-toned cabinetry trend. This modern kitchen above does both! The darker wood cabinets are paired perfectly with the white, marble-like cabinetry sides and countertop. Check out the video below to learn a bit more about this two-toned cabinetry trend!



Combining different materials look amazing when done correctly, and you will continue to see this trend pop up in your favourite home design magazines over the next few months.


#5 – Larger Sinks As a Feature

Souce: bhg.com


Move over small, double sinks – here come the big guys! In 2018, larger sinks are taking over, and are acting as a feature for your cabinets! This is usually done as one large, deep sink like the picture above. However, double sinks are not totally out – they are just done a little differently. Because many homeowners have moved to dishwashers, the need for a double sink has diminished. So, larger kitchens that do have double sinks often include it out of personal preference or choose to have two sinks but not directly beside each other. Along with this trend also comes new and interesting faucet designs. Faucets are now a statement piece!


#6 – Larger Pantries

Source: Houseandhome.com; Photo by: Tracy Ayton


Huge pantry-cabinets that take up a portion or an entire wall are highly functional, look gorgeous, and are trending right now! This kitchen showcased by House and Home is a great example of how pantry walls can be done so well. If you haven’t noticed already, 2018 design trends are full of attractive and functional designs. Easy-to-access spaces, organized kitchens, and large storage areas are a big part of these recent designs.


#7 – Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Source: ottawacitizen.com; Project by: Roca Homes and Irpinia Kitchens.


Sebring Design Build also comments that clean aesthetics and modern kitchens are still popular throughout 2018. Like we see in the design shown by the Ottawa Citizen, sleek and simple cabinets that focus on a minimalistic design will continue to rise in popularity all throughout the next year. This design actually incorporates many popular design trends of 2018 – a hint of two-toned cabinets, separate large double sinks, and a pantry wall with an open shelf design!


#8 – Functional Storage Solutions

Source: bhg.com; Retrieved from Pinterest.com


This final design trend on our list is last but certainly not least! Kitchens should be one of the most organized rooms in the home – but they often become a mess due to poor cabinet design. Trends such as large pantries and exposed shelving help increase functional storage, as do organizational tools like sliding shelves! Sliding shelves are a great way to ensure that your food, pots and pans, and other kitchen items are always 100% accessible and organized!

Kitchen Cabinets - trends 2018

Sliding shelves are an attractive addition to your home – but, since they are hidden within your cabinets, you and your family are the only ones who see them! So, they are the one trend of this list that will never really go out of style!


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