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Are you thinking of installing some garage wall shelving to give you added storage space and a more efficient way of organizing everything in your garage? We’ve searched the Internet for some creative ideas for garage wall shelving. The ideas we found include shelving combinations, pegboards, stylish cupboards, and even boxed shelves in the space between the rafters. Finally, we will show you an idea for converting your existing shelves into handy pull out ones. If you would like to convert any of the shelves in your home to convenient sliding shelves, contact DIY Shelfworks today and learn how easy and economical it is to install your own DIY Shelfworks.

Garage Wall Shelving Ideas

Read on as we give you some great ideas for shelving in your garage. These helpful suggestions will show you how you can use a combination of different shelving, pegboards, stylish cupboards, sliding shelves, and even the space between the rafters to help solve your garage organization challenges.

A Combination of Shelves

Garage wall shelving

Source: Pinterest from The Owner-Builder Network

Our first idea was found on Pinterest and it originally came from The Owner-Builder Network. This practical design gives a number of different wall storage solutions including some wall-mounted cupboards and drawers as well as metal racks for hanging larger items such as garden tools and sporting equipment. There are also several smaller shelves for cleaning products and hand tools. Finally, the larger metal shelves suspended from the ceiling make the perfect spot for items that you can store in large bins and which you don’t need access to on a regular basis.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style

Source: Pinterest from

Just because it is a garage, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. The above shelving units are not only very practical but they also look good; they are symmetrical, sleek, and they are painted a very contemporary deep grey. We love the locker-style cupboards to the right which can either be assigned to individual members of your family to store their personal things, or could be used to organize according to sport: one for hockey, one for soccer, one for snowboarding, etc. We found this great design on Pinterest but it originally came from

Pegboards Please

garage wall shelving

Source: Pinterest from

Pegboards are an organizer’s best friend in the garage as demonstrated by this next design idea from which we found on Pinterest.  We love the versatility of a pegboard. As the quantity and size of items changes, you can simply add, remove, or relocate hooks and shelves. You aren’t restricted to the same layout. Pegboards can also support brackets so that you can install extra shelves. If you are interested in creating a similar design, you can click here for a helpful tutorial.

Filled To The Rafters

Source: Pinterest from The Family Handyman

The key to ultimate storage is finding an ingenious way to use every inch of space in your garage, even the space between the rafters in your garage or basement. This brilliant idea came from The Family Handyman but we found it on Pinterest. The cleverly designed box shelves are attached to the rafters with strong pivot bolts which allow them to be pulled down to access the items stored in them and then pushed back into place when you are finished.

Sliding Doors

Source: Pinterest from

This next idea was found on Pinterest but it was pinned from originally. Converting pegboard into sliding doors is an awesome way to enclose the shelving behind while providing extra hanging storage space on the actual doors. The tools hung on the outside of the doors are easily accessible and they can be quickly pulled to one side to get at everything stored on the shelves behind.

Sliding Shelves

Don’t stop with just having sliding doors as in our previous example. Why not convert your existing garage shelving into easy to pull out drawers as well? This is an ingenious way to not only gain extra storage space but also put an end to constantly having to pull out everything in the front to reach those items on the back of the shelf. Simply pull out the smooth gliding DIY Shelfworks shelf and those previously hidden items are within easy reach. You get to decide which cupboards you would like to have double shelves for shorter products and which you want to have a deeper single shelf for your taller items.

DIY Shelfworks shelves are fully customizable and they are made to last. You can choose from our #1 Baltic Birch with baked on lacquer for extra protection or, if you prefer, try our Economy melamine. Each of our high quality, Canadian crafted shelves comes with full extension steel rails, which can support up to 100 lbs in weight, and their melamine bottom makes cleaning a breeze.

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Your Sliding Shelf Expert

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