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Garage organization is usually one of the furthest things from our minds until the freezing cold temperatures of winter hit us. We want to put our car inside (to avoid scraping the windows every morning), but we find that there is not enough room. Even if your garage started out clean and tidy, over time it tends to get cluttered and messy. Why? Your garage seems to be the space in your home where you put everything that you can’t find any other place for. However, even if your garage has become your default storage area, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a disorganized mess. In this post, we will talk about the advantages of good garage organization and also give you ideas about how you can get your garage organized.

Sliding shelves are a great way to make garage organization easier. If you are considering converting any of your existing cabinets into handy pull out shelves, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

Advantages of Garage Organization

garage organization

Source: Pinterest from The Owner-Builder Network

You might wonder, with your busy schedule, is it worth the time and effort to organize your garage? And the answer is: Yes! A well-organized garage has many advantages including:

  • It will ensure that you have plenty of space to park your vehicle inside to protect it from the elements.
  • It will save you time in the long run; you won’t have to waste time searching and searching for the items you have stored there.
  • It will help to protect your belongings. If your tools and sports equipment are neatly stored in a designated area, they will be protected from getting damaged by other items stored on top of them or from falling.

Garage Organization Ideas

We understand that each garage is going to contain slightly different items depending on whether or not you have a handyman, gardener, sports enthusiast, or even a collector in your family. The following is a listing of some of the most helpful garage organization articles that will enable you to store all of your things neatly and where you can find them easily.

Shelves and Racks

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Source: Pinterest from Ana White

Shelves are a great start to a perfectly organized garage and these ones which we found on Pinterest, originally from Ana White, can be quickly and inexpensively put together. All you need to make them is two by fours and screws – no cutting, measuring, or hammering is required.


Source: Pinterest from

Just because it is a garage doesn’t mean that every item has to be fully displayed. Maybe you would prefer to have cabinets to give your garage an even tidier appearance. These uniform cabinets are a great project for the handyman in your family. The picture came from Pinterest and you can get the instructions on how to build your own at

Sliding Shelves

Why not take your cabinet organization one step further and install sliding shelves inside? These well-built Baltic birch rolling shelves are a great way to store all of your smaller tools, nails, screws, and whatever else will fit inside. They are so sturdy that fully extended they can support 100 lbs. of weight. They also make organization a breeze since you don’t need to reach to the back of your shelf to try to find what is stored there. Simply pull it out, select what you need, and you are good to go!

Watch the following installation video to see how easy it it to install your own rolling shelf.


Wall Organization

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Taking advantage of all your wall space in your garage is a must for optimum organization and the idea above is inexpensive and effective. It utilizes excess PVC pipes and two by fours to make the best gardening tool holder ever! This inventive creation is the perfect solution to keeping all of your long handled implements safely stored out of the way. This idea comes from Pinterest and originated on


Source: Pinterest from

One of the best ways to get your garage organized is to install a workbench. Not only will it give you somewhere to work on your DIY projects but it also provides you with extra storage space. We found the above design on Pinterest and it came from You can build this great bench in as little as 4 hours. The pegboard is a great idea for hanging up almost anything and the overhead light helps you see what you are doing.

Ceiling Storage Bins

Source: Pinterest from Cute DIY Projects

The ceiling of your garage is usually just sitting there empty, so why not take advantage of all the extra storage area it can provide? This awesome idea found on Pinterest originated from Cute DIY Projects. Wooden sliding racks were cleverly secured to the roof of this garage to allow plastic storage bins to be safely stored overhead. What a great idea!

DIY Shelfworks – Garage Storage Solutions

All of DIY Shelfworks rolling shelves are custom made in Canada. Our premium birch shelves are crafted from #1 Baltic Birch which has been specially treated to withstand moisture and dryness. And because our  shelves are do-it-yourself, we can offer them to you at an economical price! Take a look at our website to see how easy it is to transform your garage cabinets by installing easy to pull out, sturdy rolling shelves. Place your order today and get your garage organized the way you would like it to be.