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Pull out shelves are an amazing way to transform your current kitchen cabinets into a more organized, functional space. With regular cabinet space, you have to constantly reach, bend, and awkwardly feel your way through the cabinets until you finally find your favourite snack or much-needed baking ingredient. Pull out shelves are the perfect solution for all kitchens. To learn more about all the great ways you can use pull out shelves in your kitchen, contact the experts at DIY Shelfworks now!


Ready To Organize Your Kitchen With Sliding Drawers?

What Exactly Are Pull Out Shelves?

Pull out shelves, also called sliding shelves or gliding shelves, are pretty much exactly what they sound like! They are shelves, like the ones shown above, that fit into your existing cabinets. However, they are installed with gliding hardware so they can slide in and out of your cabinets or pantry. With pull out shelves, you simply grab the shelf and extend it outwards! You will no longer need to reach into the back of your pantry or bend down to get your pots or pans. Instead, your items come to your you!

Many shelves can hold significant amounts of weight – but each size and style will be different. For example, DIY’s Baltic Birch sliding shelves can hold up to 100 lbs, supported by full extension steel rails. Our Economy sliding shelves can hold up to 70 lbs. When deciding on which shelf is right for you, it’s important to look at the items you plan to store on them and approximately how much it will all weigh.


Pull Out Shelves vs Kitchen Drawers

Your kitchen will come standard with kitchen drawers, will most homeowners will have to separately add pull out shelves – unless you buy a home where someone has already added them in! Unlike regular shelves, kitchen drawers also pull out. However, they are not exactly the same as pull out shelves.

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers come in a variety of styles and depths and pull outwards, allowing you full access to your items. They are ideal for storing larger items like heavy pots, slow cookers, and other large cookware. If you need the best place to store items such as dishcloths and dishware, drawers are typically your best option.

Though they come in a variety of depths, most newer kitchens come standard with at least a few that are quite deep. These deep drawers are ideal for keeping items contained so they don’t fall out of your drawer. Unlike pull out shelves, kitchen drawers are much harder and more expensive install or add once your kitchen is built. They are also usually only added to a small section of your kitchen storage space, and are not added to sections such as your pantry.

Pull Out Shelves

Pull out shelves are very easy to install, as you do not need to remove your existing shelves or cabinets to add them to your kitchen or home. Pull out shelves come in a wide variety of styles and depths. However, if you choose to buy mass-produced shelves instead of custom-made ones, you could end up with shelves that are not very deep. In that case, you may need to be careful what you store on your shelves so items do not fall off. With custom shelves, you can choose deeper options so you won’t have to worry about this.

Pull out shelving is a great way to store all kinds of cookware and even small appliances, such as a toaster or toaster oven. Pull out shelves have the advantage over kitchen drawers because you can add them anywhere (aside from existing drawers) in your kitchen! They are perfect for adding to your kitchen pantry, making your snacks and baking items easily accessible and much more organized than ever before. They are also less expensive to add to your existing kitchen and are easy to install.



Different Pull Out Shelf Styles

Pull out shelves come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You may choose a particular style based on your budget, or your material preferences. Either way, before you choose your pull out shelf, it’s important to do your research on all of your different options. Below are the four most common types of pull out shelves.

Solid Wood Pull Out Shelf

Solid wood pull out shelves are usually made with the highest quality materials. Solid wood shelves are well-made but are the most expensive option. For example, a custom-made solid wood specialty shelf could cost over $700.00!

9 Ply Baltic Birch

Baltic birch is a type of plywood that is far superior to regular plywood. It is significantly stronger and more stable. It is a highly durable, less expensive alternative to solid wood, yet it still makes a superior shelf. Baltic Birch shelves are usually moderately priced. For example, the 5″ deep sliding shelf starts at just $109.00.


Melamine is a durable, less expensive alternative to a wooden shelf. The plastic covering of a melamine shelf makes it scratch and shatter resistant as well as waterproof, which may be ideal for those with young children. Melamine is slightly less expensive than baltic birch. For example, the 5″ sliding shelf starts at $93.00.

Metal Wire

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, the least expensive alternative is a metal wire pull out shelves. Though this style of shelf will help you save money up front, they do not last as long and are not nearly as durable as your other options. In the long run, you could easily end up spending more on regular replacements than if you had purchased a high-quality shelf right away.


Where To Use Your Pull Out Shelves

After doing your research and deciding which style and type of shelf is right for you, it’s time to decided where to put them. Depending on the brand you choose to buy, you may have shelves installed for you. Or, you may be able to install the shelves yourself! For those who love do-it-yourself projects, this can be a fun activity to do on your own or with your family. It also gives you full control over the project, and will feel so good when you’re done! For those that don’t love DIY as much, don’t worry! The installation process is relatively simple.

So, where can you use your new sliding shelves? You can place your new shelves pretty much anywhere you like. Of course, with one exception. You won’t be able to install a custom sliding drawer into a kitchen cabinet that already pulls out. Other than that, you are free to place your shelves in pantries or cabinets on small upper shelves, whether wide, narrow, shallow, or deep. You can also place them on bottom shelves and base cabinets or full upper shelves.

Sliding shelves are an absolutely amazing addition to any part of your kitchen. You can install one or two under your sink to make your cleaning products and dish items easily accessible. You can choose to install them in your pantry – either just one shelf or convert your entire pantry into a sliding shelf haven! You can place them on wide, base shelves to make the perfect home for all of your hard-to-store pots and pans. The possibilities are nearly endless.

If you absolutely love your new pull out shelves in your kitchen, there is even more good news. Pull out shelves are perfect for any room in your house! See the list below for some more placement ideas:

Bathroom cabinets – Use to store toiletries, make-up, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. Garage/Shed – Use to store tools, nails, screws, and all your other home improvement items for your garage or shed. Home Office – If you have a home office with built-in cabinetry, sliding shelves can help organize paperwork, office supplies, business cards, and more. Bedrooms – Great to use as additional shelves in your bedroom closet for storing clothes, jewellery, or even shoes.


How To Install Your New Shelves

How to install your new shelves will depend on a variety of factors, such as the brand of shelf you buy, the size and style of shelf, as well as the location of the shelf. At DIY Shelfworks, we want to make the installation process as simple as possible for you! We have a variety of videos and how-to guides to help ensure your shelf is perfectly installed. You can check out the video below that shows how to install a sliding shelf on a base cabinet or full upper shelf.


Installing your shelves in unusual places, such as under sinks or into awkwardly-shaped cabinets, may take a bit of extra effort. Corner cabinets, unusually wide or deep cabinets, and other awkwardly shaped cabinets can make the process slightly more complex. You may need to follow a few extra instructions in order to ensure your shelves are properly installed. However, there is almost always a solution with custom-made shelves! If you aren’t sure if sliding drawers are right for you, contact DIY Shelfworks to speak with an expert who can help you out, or learn how you can get your new sliding shelves installed for you at Glidingshelf.ca.


Get DIY Sliding Shelves For Your Home!

Installing sliding shelves will give you some great ways to increase your kitchen cabinet storage and get you organized. They brilliantly hide everything away and allow you to view every item inside, even those at the very back, quickly and easily. DIY Shelfworks will custom make your very own gliding shelves to perfectly fit into your existing cupboards.

Our high-quality rolling shelves are 100% Canadian made and will be delivered to you in as little as two to three weeks through Canada Post. You can choose from either our premium 9-ply Baltic Birch or our more economical melamine shelves. They come in 3 shelf heights: 3″, 5″, or 7,” and have a limited lifetime warranty. Place your order today and get your kitchen cupboards organized like never before.

“Thanks Ryan…Looking forward to getting more drawers in our bathroom. They are wonderful. I no longer dread having to get down on the floor looking for pots and pans in the cupboards.”– Patience, A DIY Customer!




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