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Custom Sliding Shelves Made To Fit Perfectly In Your Pantry


Custom sliding shelves are an amazing way to take back the space in your kitchen and pantry. Sliding shelves by DIY Shelfworks are custom-made to fit perfectly into your cabinets and pantry. Whether you need them under your sink, in your pantry for snacks, in your cabinets for pots and pans, or anywhere else, we make shelves that will fit your unique space! To learn more, contact us at DIY Shelfworks now! 


Custom Sliding Shelves Made To Fit Perfectly In Your Pantry

Custom made shelves are built with your pantry’s exact dimensions in mind. This means you won’t have to struggle to fit them in, or make last-minute DIY modifications if you have an unusual or awkwardly sized pantry or cabinet. See below to learn more about each of our sizing options.


3″ Deep Sliding Shelf

The 3″ deep sliding shelf is the most shallow option. This sliding shelf is perfect for storing items like pots and pans. Without sliding shelves, these items may get stacked awkwardly on top of each other, making them difficult to access. With our shelves, pots and pans (and any other item you choose to store in them) are easier to organize and access when you need them!

Like all of our sliding shelves, you can put in the custom dimensions to ensure your shelf will fit perfectly in your pantry! Shop for 3″ sliding shelves here!



5″ Deep Sliding Shelf

The 5″ deep sliding shelf is our mid-depth option. This sliding shelf is great for snacks, cooking utensils and accessories, and so much more. The 5″ deep sliding shelf is ideal for almost any pantry or cabinet, as it is just deep enough to contain taller items, but not too deep that it may not fit in all sized pantries.

Like all of our sliding shelves, you can put in the custom dimensions to ensure your shelf will fit perfectly in your pantry! Shop for 5″ sliding shelves here!




7″ Deep Sliding Shelf

The 7″ deep sliding shelf is the tallest option. This deep shelf is perfect for storing large cans, tins, baking sheets, pans, and more. The 7″ deep sliding shelf is great for under sinks or tall pantry shelves. Add a divider (as seen in the picture), and you can organize your items even better.

Like all of our sliding shelves, you can put in the custom dimensions to ensure your shelf will fit perfectly in your pantry! Shop for 7″ sliding shelves here!



Customer Gallery

Custom sliding shelves are perfect for your kitchen and pantry – however, they can go anywhere in your home! For better bathroom organization, add sliding shelves right under your sink. For laundry rooms, add to existing shelving units or cabinets to store detergent, laundry pods, dryer sheets, and all those other items that often become disorganized!

You can even add them to your garage or shed to store tools and outdoor equipment. The possibilities are endless! Check out some customer photos below to see all of the different places you can install sliding shelves.


For The Pantry

Before and after photos of sliding shelves added to the pantry


These before & after photos show how much more space and organizational opportunities this customer has after installing their DIY sliding shelves. They combined multiple depths of sliding shelves to create a full pantry makeover!


For The Laundry Room

Customer photo shows DIY sliding shelves in the laundry room


customer added sliding shelves to their simple storage unit in between their washer and dryer. The perfect way to make their laundry accessories easily accessible – say goodbye to awkwardly bending down and reaching for your detergent!


For The Garage

Sliding shelves used for organizing tools in the garage


Adding shallow sliding shelves with dividers is a great way to organize all of those small, hard-to-store tools and accessories like screws and nails. This customer created a fully functional tool organizer with sliding shelves!


Under Sinks/Custom Cabinets

Customer photos from Glidingshelf.ca


Sliding shelves can even go in places where you may think, “is that even possible?” Yes, you can add them to the space under your sink – even with all that plumbing! You can put them side-by-side in pantries or cabinets. You can even add them to furniture pieces such as desks or purchased pantries.


Custom Made Shelves VS Mass Produced Shelves

As more homeowners begin to realize how convenient the sliding shelf is, they are continuing to grow in popularity. When looking for your own sliding shelves, you will have to choose between mass produced shelves, or custom made shelves. Mass produced shelves come in standard sizes, made to fit in most types of cabinets and pantries. They are often less expensive and generally made with lower-quality material in order to keep costs down.

Custom made shelves are made with your exact pantry’s dimensions in mind. If you have an awkwardly shaped pantry or an unusual sized cabinet, custom shelves can still fit. You will never have to modify them to get them to fit, or struggle with the installation process. They tend to cost more upfront, but generally last longer, have longer warranties, and are made with higher-quality materials. Check out the comparison chart below to learn more.



Update Your Kitchen Shelf & Pantry With Sliding Shelves Today!


Installing sliding shelves will give you some great ways to increase your storage space anywhere in your home! They brilliantly hide everything away and allow you to view every item inside, even those at the very back of your cabinets, pantries, and closets, quickly and easily. DIY Shelfworks will custom make your very own gliding shelves to perfectly fit into your existing cupboards.


“I would like to thank the folks at DIY Shelfworks, they have provided me with a wonderful product along with a true commitment to customer service. We have installed 7 customized slide out shelves in our kitchen which has allowed us to better organize and access everything from our appliances to spices. All this at a very affordable price. Thank you DIY Shelfworks!”

– June, A DIY Customer – Review From Our Facebook Page


Our high-quality rolling shelves are 100% Canadian made and will be delivered to you in as little as two to three weeks through Canada Post. You can choose from either our premium 9-ply Baltic Birch or our more economical melamine shelves. They come in a variety of shelf heights to fit your cabinet or pantry’s unique size. Learn about our limited lifetime warranty here. Place your order today and get your kitchen cupboards organized like never before.



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