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Many people know that the custom sliding shelf is a great addition to your kitchen cabinets or pantry. Sliding shelves make getting items from the back of your cabinet easier, increase accessibility, and help organize your kitchen. However, you may not know that sliding shelves are the perfect organizational solution throughout your entire home! In this article, we’ll take a look at the hidden uses of custom sliding shelves. To learn more about these great organizational additions, contact the experts at DIY Shelfworks today! 

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Custom Sliding Shelf – Hidden Uses

There are many hidden and unexpected uses for sliding shelves, aside from installing them into your kitchen pantry or cabinet! Learn more about these great ideas below.

1. Shelves For Your Garage/Shed

Customer Photo – DIY Sliding Shelves Installed In Garage

Garages and sheds are supposed to be convenient places to keep tools, outdoor equipment, and storage items. However, we often find garages can get disorganized, dirty, and feel more stressful than convenient! Adding sliding shelves to a cabinet in your garage can help you organize all of those small tools and hardware items you just can’t find the space for. In the picture above, we see a custom DIY sliding shelf complete with dividers, making it easier to store various items like tools, nails, screws, and accessories.


2. Shelves For Under Your Sinks

Sliding shelves are perfect for under sinks – even in your bathroom!

With all the plumbing that goes under your sink, you may not have known that there is even enough space for sliding shelves. The good news is that there is! DIY sliding shelves are custom made, meaning they can work in many spaces – even spaces you wouldn’t think possible. One of the best places to install new sliding shelves is under your bathroom sink. Adding multiple sliding shelves or tiered shelves like in the image above, you can not only store all your toiletries, extra toilet paper and makeup but keep it all perfectly organized with ease.


3. Shelves For Your Linen Closet

Sliding Shelves In Closet; Image source: Pinterest.com

The linen closet may not be a space you think about very often. It is generally only used once or twice per day – if that. It’s hidden from view when friends and family visit. You may not place a lot of emphasis on your linen closet, but it is packed with hidden organizational potential. Adding sliding shelves helps ensure that your towels, blankets, extra pillows, and whatever else you have stored back there easy to grab. How many times have you reached in to grab one towel, but accidentally unravelled three! Sliding shelves help make your linen closet more accessible for everyone in your family.


4. Shelves For Your Laundry Room

DIY Customer Photo – Sliding shelves can help organize any laundry room

Another room that is often forgotten, as it is a ‘hidden’ space in the home, your laundry room is a great place to add a custom sliding shelf or two! Deeper sliding shelves, such as the 7″ inch deep sliding shelf, works perfectly to organize and contain taller items like detergent, sprays, dryer sheets, and other common items you may need in your laundry room. Sliding shelves also make your items much more accessible. Laundry rooms often come with wall-mounted cabinets or low cabinets – making you have to reach and bend to grab your items multiple times on laundry day. With sliding shelves, you can say goodbye to awkwardly reaching and bending!


5. Shelves For Hidden Corner Cabinets

Hidden corner cabinet; Image source: Pinterest.com

Many cabinets, especially in older homes, have hidden corner cabinets. These cabinets are often placed beside the stove and may be awkward to access. They are typically narrow but quite deep, giving them a lot of potential. Did you know you can even install sliding shelves into these types of cabinets? The custom sliding shelf is built to fit into your unique cabinets – so even awkwardly shaped corner cabinets can benefit from sliding shelves!


Why Install Custom Sliding Shelves?

What’s the difference between a regular pantry and sliding shelves? With sliding shelves, you can get up to 100% accessible space back in your cabinets! Some cabinets may lose up to 25% or more space when items are added and block the way to the sides or back.

No matter where you install your custom sliding shelves – whether it’s just a single shelf in your kitchen pantry, or multiple shelves in your linen closet – you will notice a difference right away. Learn about the many advantages below!

Helps stop bending and reaching

When you install With -to-use sliding shelves, you won’t have to worry about getting down on the ground to reach for items, or stretching as far as possible to reach the distant back corners of your cupboards. You can simply pull out your shelf and have instant access to every item – even the ones stored in the very back. If you don’t want to install them yourself, you can also check out Glidingshelf.ca to work with the pros!

No need to stack items

Stacking objects like dishes and cooking items can make it difficult to access them without potentially knocking items over or clanging loud objects together. Because sliding shelves allow you to utilize 100% of your cabinet space, you won’t have to stack any or as many items anymore!

Helps You Stay Organized

As we mentioned above, sliding shelves help you organize any area of your home! When your space is easier to access, it gives you more motivation to organize it. In this case, easier is usually better! Not only that but maintaining your space is much easier. Cleaning out old items, adding new items, and rearranging when necessary requires very little effort – helping you stay organized for years to come.


Install Custom Sliding Shelves In Your Home!

Installing sliding shelves will give you some great ways to increase your storage space anywhere in your home! They brilliantly hide everything away and allow you to view every item inside, even those at the very back of your cabinets, pantries, and closets, quickly and easily. DIY Shelfworks will custom make your very own gliding shelves to perfectly fit into your existing cupboards.


“I would like to thank the folks at DIY Shelfworks, they have provided me with a wonderful product along with a true commitment to customer service. We have installed 7 customized slide out shelves in our kitchen which has allowed us to better organize and access everything from our appliances to spices. All this at a very affordable price. Thank you DIY Shelfworks!”

– June, A DIY Customer – Review From Our Facebook Page


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