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Are your kitchen cupboards overflowing with items that you simply don’t have any room for? Have you run out of creative kitchen storage solutions? In this post we have compiled 10 of the best ideas we could find on the Internet to help give you some very creative kitchen storage solutions. We’ve found ways that you can use the space under your cupboards and inside your cabinet doors to store items. We also will give you ideas about how you can use your walls for extra storage and how you can convert your cabinets into handy drawers which free up the unused corners of every cupboard. If you are interested in finding out how you can  convert your cabinets into drawers, contact  DIY Shelfworks.

Under The Cupboards

There is premium additional storage space that you may not have thought about right under your cupboards. Here are 3 great ideas to help you use that space to it fullest potential.


kitchen storage solutions

Source: Pinterest –

kitchen storage solutions

Source: Pinterest – WooHome

Source: Pinterest –

Idea #1: Towel Rack with Wire Baskets

The first idea was found on Pinterest and originally came from This is a great way to store your fruits and vegetables that you don’t want to keep in your fridge. Simply install a towel rack to the wall just under your cupboard and hang matching wire baskets beneath. Your veggies will be within easy reach when you are testing out your culinary skills. Or maybe you’d like to free up some space in your utensil drawer.

Idea #2: Shelf

The middle photo came from Pinterest as well and the idea was found in an article from WooHome. Here they have put up a cute little shelf which can give you two layers of storage. Place some smaller cannisters on top of the shelf and hang your utensils underneath.

Idea #3: Upside Down Lazy Susan

This final idea is so smart and yet so simple. They have taken a “lazy Susan”, inserted some small hooks, and nailed it upside down underneath the cupboard. Now all of the utensils are easily accessible with one quick spin of the wheel. Not only is this super convenient, but if you are feeling a little bored you could always test you skill at seeing how fast you can spin it without having the utensils fly off. This brilliant kitchen storage solution was found on Pinterest and originally came from

Inside the door

The inside of your cabinet doors can give you some extra space that is hidden from view but also makes the items you store there within easy reach whenever you need them. Below are 3 ideas for the kinds of things you can conveniently store or hang on your cabinet doors.

Source: Pinterest – DNDistributionEnterprises

Source: Pinterest –

Source: Pinterest –

​Idea #1: Easy Access Lids

In the first picture taken from Pinterest and originally pinned from  DNDistributionEnterprises where you can purchase the wire rack displayed, you have a great idea for keeping the lids for your pots and pans organized and easily accessible. If space is tight, then this method lets you stack your pots and pans inside of each other. You won’t have to try and figure out where you are going to stick the corresponding lids, and when you go to use your pots, it will be much easier to find the right one.

Idea #2: File Folder Holders Re-Purposed

Plastic file folder holders aren’t just used to hold file folders anymore as this next idea from     Pinterest  via demonstrates. Attach a couple of these inexpensive holders to the inside of your cupboard doors and you have a great way to store all of your plastic, aluminum foil, and waxed paper rolls.

Idea #3: Hooks for Hanging

Hooks are so handy and in the third picture you have another great kitchen storage solution. Simply affix several hooks on the inside of your cabinet door to hang up your larger cooking utensils. This third ideas was found on  Pinterest  and was pinned from

On The Wall

If you have run out of space in your kitchen cabinets why not start thinking outside of the cupboard. Turn your empty walls into additional storage. Here are 3 great ideas for using your walls as storage.

Source: Pinterest –

Source: Pinterest –

Source: Pinterest –

Idea #1:

The first picture above from Pinterest  came originally from  from Ikea – It’s a clever idea for a kitchen storage solutions project that turns a set of slats from Ikea, intended for supporting a mattress, into a place where you can easily hang anything from plants to utensils to storage containers.

Idea #2:

When the cupboards and drawers are full, use the walls. Purchase a few matching towel racks and hooks, mount them on an empty spot on your wall and you will have extra storage space that actually looks decorative too. This idea was found on Pinterest  from

Idea #3

on the wall 3 from   If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive pantry cabinet, but still would like the extra storage of a full cabinet, invest in economical shelves to mount on a wall. It gives you extra space and it looks great too, especially when you use the handy matching jars. The sealed glass jars will keep your dry goods fresher than the original boxes or bags that the food came in. This third idea came from Pinterest   and was originally pinned from

Transform Your Cabinets Into Drawers

Drawers can make your life so much easier. When you can fully pull everything out in one easy motion, it can really save you time and effort. No more need to get down on your hands and knees and reach as far as you can to pull out that object that you need in the furthest corner of your cupboard. The drawers will also allow you to better organize the items, because you can actually reach them and not just push them into place.

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