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Having cabinet sliding shelves in your home is a great idea especially if you have mobility challenges or if your schedule is tight and you don’t want to waste time looking for items in your cupboards. Recently, sliding shelves have become available in several different outlets, but what is the best way to purchase and install them? There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. In this post, we will take a look at the differences between buying your cabinet sliding shelves online, at a retail outlet, or through a service installer. If you are looking for the highest quality pull out shelves for your kitchen at the best price, contact DIY Shelfworks and place your order today.

9 Amazing Cabinet Sliding Shelves

Here is a gallery of sliding shelf ideas, including which rooms to install them in and accessories you can purchase to help you further organize.

Sliding Shelves Are Also Great In A Garage

Sliding shelves work great in your garages too. The above design comes from Pinterest, but was originally taken from The Family Handyman. You can make these DIY shelves. Find out how here. For more great garage organization tips, read our Garage Organization post.

Cabinet Sliding Shelves –

Best Place to Buy

So you’ve decided that installing sliding shelves would make your life easier and more organized, but where is the best place to purchase them? Retail stores, online outlets, and service installers all have their pros and cons. Read on to decide which one is right for your situation.

Cabinet sliding shelves

1. Purchase From a Retail Store


See Before You Buy: A retail store allows you the advantage of actually seeing the product before you purchase it.

Install Them Yourself: If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects then you probably will love installing your own shelves. It can also save you the extra money that it costs to have someone else do it for you.


Limited Sizes: Sliding shelves found in retail outlets usually come in standard sizes, so it may be hard to find a shelf that will fit your cupboards exactly.

Paying For Hidden Costs: Because of buried costs like rent, utilities, and paying staff to keep a retail outlet operating, products purchased there tend to be more expensive than those purchased online.

Travel Time & Costs: Comparison shopping is more challenging as you have to physically go to each location in order to see what they have available and how much it costs.

Install Them Yourself: If you don’t enjoy DIY projects or if you don’t have the time it takes to install your own shelves, then this may not be a good option for you. Retail outlets often offer an installation service, but they usually cost extra.

Cabinet sliding shelves

2. Purchase Online


Cost:  Online outlets do not have to pay huge rental fees for a retail location, nor do they have the same staffing or utility expenses, so these factors add up to extra savings for you. All of these extra expenses are usually hidden in the price of the product.

Convenience: What could be more convenient that doing your shopping from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to travel to a location to purchase your shelves; just click to place your order.

Comparison Shopping: It is quick and easy to do comparison shopping online; you can simply search for several websites without having to leave your chair.

DIY Installations: If you like DIY projects then why not try installing your own shelves. It can save you money and you will have fun doing it.

The following video will show you how easy it is to accurately measure your cabinets to order the perfect size of sliding shelf for any space.

Custom Made: If you purchase from DIY Shelfworks, your shelves will be custom made to fit your cabinets perfectly. Follow the instructions in the above video and your shelves will be sure to fit exactly.


Shipping Costs: Shipping and handling fees can quickly add up to make your online purchase not as inexpensive as you originally though.  DIY Shelfworks, however, offers free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Install Them Yourself: If you have mobility issues or if you are too busy then installing your own shelves may not be a good option for you. DIY Shelfworks however, partners with for our customers who would prefer to have someone install their pull out shelves for them.

If you are wondering how easy it would be to install sliding shelves yourself, watch the following video.

3. Purchase From A Service Installer


Installation Done For You:  If you don’t have the time to install your shelves or you don’t enjoy do-it-yourself projects, then you may want to use a service installer who will do all the work for you. This may also be a better choice for you if you have mobility challenges that would prevent you from doing the installation yourself.


Cost: The cost is usually much higher if you use a service installer as you are having to cover the cost of the installer coming to your home to do the installation for you.

“Rolling Shelves Help You Find Thyme”

DIY Shelfworks: The Best Choice

DIY Shelfworks cabinet sliding shelves are sold online, which means we have cut out the middle-man so we can pass those savings on to you, our valued customers. If you are a savvy shopper, looking for the highest quality sliding shelves at the best price, then our shelves are your perfect choice. Our shipping is also free anywhere in Canada through Canada Post to help you save even more. All of our high-quality sliding shelves are completely manufactured in Canada. You can choose from either our premium #1 9-ply Baltic birch or our more economical melamine. Both varieties are easy to clean and come with a limited lifetime warranty as well. If you are ready to make your kitchen more accessible and organized, order your own DIY sliding shelves today.