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Do you have a kitchen pantry cabinet that needs some help? Maybe it’s totally disorganized and messy or maybe it just isn’t visually appealing. We’ve put together 8 of the best ideas we could find to help you transform your kitchen pantry cabinet into a thing of beauty. From helpful organizational ideas, to ways to make your own pantry, to easy access tips; read on to find out more. Our favourite idea of them all is converting the shelves of your pantry into handy pull out shelves. If you would like to see how easy and economical it would be to install sliding shelves in any cabinet in your home, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

8 Stunning Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Would you finally like to get your kitchen pantry totally organized and looking great? Read on to find out the 8 best kitchen pantry cabinet ideas we came across on the Internet.

1. Wonderful Wicker and Wire

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You don’t need to have an actual walk-in pantry to get the storage space you need for this clever design. Open shelving installed in an unused alcove or even a bookcase placed along an empty wall will give you the same effect. Not only is this pantry super organized, but we love the rustic look of the matching wicker baskets. Each one is beautifully labelled with a small wooden chalkboard. The wire baskets are great for storing your canned goods as well. This awesome idea was found on Pinterest but it originally came from

2. See-Through Sensational

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This next idea was found on Pinterest and it came from Having matching see-through glass or plastic containers is the key to this great kitchen pantry cabinet. Placing identical containers on the same shelf definitely helps to alleviate the usually cluttered look of most pantries. And because you are able to see what is in each container; it means that it won’t take you long to find what you need, nor to know when you need to buy more. We also love the water bottles lined up like soldiers on the bottom shelf. It is a huge improvement over leaving them in the plastic wrapped packing case that they come in.

3. Loving Lazy Susans

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We love lazy Susans! They are a simple idea, but they make accessing the food in your pantry fun and easy. Simply swivel them around to see what tasty treat is hiding in the back corner. These are especially handy for solving the usually wasted spaces found in your corner cabinets. We discovered the above idea on Pinterest, but it was originally pinned from

4. Perfect Paint Pens

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We came across this contemporary way to not only organize, but customize the jars in your pantry on Pinterst. According to, where the original idea came from, the writing won’t come off if you wipe your jars with a paper towel and water, but it will come off if you put them in the dishwasher or scrub them with a textured sponge. You can choose your colour of paint and your style of writing. If you get bored of the look, then throw the empty containers in the dishwasher and change them up.

5. Light Up Your Life

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Now why didn’t we think of this! A pantry that lights up when you open the door, just like a refrigerator. It’s so simple yet extremely practical. Often it is hard to see what is on your shelves because it is just too dark. You also won’t have to worry about the extra electricity either, as this light cleverly goes out when you close the door. This ingenious idea came from Pinterest, but it was originally dreamed up by

6. Make A Statement

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Who says your pantry’s only purpose can be to store things. Why not give it a dual purpose and make it a showpiece in your kitchen as well. This beautiful rustic pantry definitely makes a statement and that statement is “look at me, I’m gorgeous!” We love how the distressed look of the wood and the historic hinges and hardware give this stand alone pantry an antique feel, perfect for any country kitchen. And what is more exciting, if you love do it yourself projects, you can make one of these beauties for yourself. We found the image on Pinterest, but the idea and the instructions can be found on

7. Wall Art

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This cute idea was found on Pinterest, but originally came from This pantry is a little too narrow to fit another set of shelves on the opposite wall, so they have used the empty wall space to hang up all of their pots and pans. It’s a great way to get extra storage when you don’t have a lot of width to work with. We especially like the way they have artistically placed the pots and pans, not regimental and in perfect lines, but with a random feel. It looks more like a giant wall mural than a pantry wall.

8. Sliding Shelves

Our final idea come involves installing handy sliding shelves. Any or all of the shelves in your kitchen pantry can be simply transformed into easily accessible pull out shelves with DIY Shelfworks sliding shelves.  Sliding shelves remove the need of having to get down on your hands and knees to try and reach to the back of your pantry. Just pull out the smooth gliding shelf and select what you need. Your shelves will stay neat and organized because you have access to the entire surface of your shelf.

Here’s a handy note to help you remember these 8 stunning options:

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