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From inexpensive organizational projects to the more challenging construction of a custom island, here are the 8 best kitchen DIY videos online. Get ready to transform your kitchen with your own two hands. Our favourite video shows how you can easily convert the shelves of your kitchen cabinets into handy pull out shelves. If you would like to see how simple and economical it would be to install sliding shelves in any cabinet in your home, contact DIY Shelfworks today.

The 8 Best Kitchen DIY Videos

Take a look at the following 8 kitchen DIY videos. Whether you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or you just would like to get your kitchen a bit more organized, We think that these videos are well worth a look.

6 Amazing DIY Projects For Your Kitchen

Why We Like The Video:

If you are like me, you can’t get enough of the fast motion videos that show you how to easily make things with everyday items. This video is another great example. From making your own plastic bag dispenser to installing under the counter magnets for hanging glass jars, this video is not only practical but super entertaining to watch. Tasty usually specializes in recipe videos, but as this video proves, they can also excel at DIY videos as well.

Easter Egg:

You have to be watching carefully but the colourful fridge magnets in frame 4:38 suddenly disappear a few seconds later.

Source: Tasty


Why We Like The Video:

If you love ceramic tile backsplashes but don’t have the money or the expertise to install one, then this video shows you the next best thing. It’s a peel and stick version that actually looks surprisingly like ceramic tiles, but costs a fraction of the price and, as the video shows, is super easy to install.

Easter Egg:

You’ll be amazed at the gigantic pile of glitter that came off of her wall. Don’t miss it at the 32 second mark.

Source: Laci Jane DIY

How I Transformed My Kitchen Cabinets for Under $100!

Why We Like The Video:

If your kitchen feels dated, but you just don’t have the extra funds to do a major renovation, this video shows you how you can update your wooden cabinets for less than $100. The resulting dark cabinets look sleek, modern and new. She also gives you links to all of the products that she used in the video so you can get it as well.

Easter Egg:

Watch for “Mila” the baby photo bomb near the end of the video during the final reveal.

Source: Ashley’s Green Life

How To: DIY Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodel | Update Cabinets on a Budget | Modern Builds

Why We Like The Video:

This is a great video for those of you who would like to do a little more than just paint your cabinets to update them, but you are still on a budget. This video shows you how to transform outdated oak cabinets into modern, slab-style cabinets. This is a great weekend (or two) project for the avid do-it-yourselfer.

Easter Egg:

Did you notice that the presenter is left-handed? As a fellow lefty, I usually notice that.

Source: Modern Builds

The $20 Kitchen Island – EASY DIY PROJECT

Why We Like The Video:

We love the look of this rustic kitchen island and you have to love the price. It costs only $20 to make! The design is easy enough for the beginner to construct and it will look fantastic in almost any kitchen.

Easter Egg:

Did you notice his funky Puma socks?

Source: The Rehab Life

A Walnut Kitchen Island

Why We Like The Video:

This video is for the more advanced handyman who enjoys working with wood. It shows you how to build a custom walnut topped kitchen island with a distressed base, two shelves, and a lean out trash can cabinet.

Easter Egg:

We love that his “quality control expert” is his wife. It seems like she knows what she is doing and she won’t let him settle for a second-rate product.

Source: The Family Table

HOME ORGANIZATION TIPS | Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Why We Like The Video:

This is a great video with very practical tips for organizing your kitchen cupboards. It starts with showing you how to purge everything you don’t use and ends by helping you arrange what you keep in handy containers as well as sorting them by usage and colour. There is also an added bonus of how to set up an amazing coffee bar, perfect for entertaining.

Easter Egg:

The best part of the video is the little phrase used for giving away something you don’t need – “bless someone else with it.”

Source: AtHomeWithNikki

How to Install a Sliding Shelf (DIY Shelfworks)

Why We Like The Video:

Converting your existing kitchen cabinet shelves into convenient sliding shelves is a great idea. Get your level, drill, a pencil, and your new DIY custom rolling shelves ready. This video will walk you through how to install your new pull-out shelves into your existing cabinet. If you want to install your shelf on a short upper shelf then click here to watch the instructional video. If you are worried about ordering the wrong size, then this helpful video about how to measure accurately will be a great help.

Easter Egg:

In a world where almost everything we buy is made in China, these beautiful 9-Ply Baltic Birch sliding shelves are 100% Canadian made.

Source: DIY Shelfworks

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