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Having a designated dog food station in your kitchen is a great way to keep those food and water bowls off the floor. And when you create your food station with sliding shelves, you can also keep dog bowls away from sight when you have company over or need to clean the floors. In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own slide-out dog food station with sliding shelves. To learn more about all of the unique uses for sliding shelves, contact the experts at DIY Shelfworks today!



How To Create a Dog Food Station From Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelf dog food station with bowls and food dispenser; Image source: Houzz.com

Sliding shelves are often found in kitchen pantries or cabinets. They help to organize hard-to-store items, and help make every inch of your cabinet more accessible. However, with a bit of creativity, you can install sliding shelves anywhere in your home!

You can even convert them into unique features like a slide-out desk or a dog food station! If you’re tired of tripping over your dog food bowls, learn how to create a simple food station with sliding shelves!

Note: If you plan to use your dog food station for both food and water, it’s important to ALWAYS have clean water accessible to your dog. If your kitchen water bowl is hidden, ensure there is another spot in the house where your pup can access water. 


Step 1: Select Your Cabinet and Get Dimensions 

If you’re ready to make your own dog food station, the best way to do this is by getting custom-made sliding shelves. A custom-made shelf will fit perfectly in your cabinet, even if it has an unusual design. If you want to ensure that your dog’s food bowls are always secured correctly inside (to help avoid spillage or unwanted movement), you’ll want this perfect fit.

If you plan to create your dog food station by placing a board along the top of the shelf, you will want to submit dimensions that take into account this extra space on top. It may only be a few centimetres difference, but that is important to take into account to ensure your shelf slides in and out without rubbing against your cabinet.


Measure your cabinets to find dimensions for your own custom-made shelf – Learn how to here!


Depending on the size of your dog, you will most likely want to select a bottom cabinet. It does not have to be large – just big enough for one or two bowls to sit side-by-side. At this point, you will also want to select the depth of your new sliding shelf. If you have a small dog, you may want to get the 3″ deep sliding shelves. Otherwise, you will need larger bowls. If you have a larger dog, a 5″ deep shelf may work better. Measure the depth of your dog’s current bowls to help you get an idea of which depth would be best for you, your dog, and of course, your cabinet!


Step 2: Order Your Sliding Shelves 

Once you have measured the cabinet where you plan to install your new dog food station, selected the best depth for your shelf, and confirmed the placement, you will want to purchase your sliding shelves. As mentioned above, it is best to get custom-made shelves for this project. Even if the shelf is off by half an inch, that can create problems with stability for your pet bowls.

Remember, some dogs may put a lot of pressure on their bowls when they eat or drink. Some may even put their front paws up on the shelf. Custom-made shelves are durable and can often hold up to 100 lbs of weight depending on their make! Buying high-quality, custom-made shelves is important to ensure your dog food station is efficient and sturdy.

Wondering how to order sliding shelves from DIY Shelfworks? You can watch this quick tutorial video that shows how to simply order right from our online store, or you can check out our how-to guide here.



If you would like to know about your other options when it comes to buying your own sliding shelves, you can check out our article here on custom-made shelves vs mass produced shelves.


Step 3: Customize & Install Your Shelf

Source: bhg.com

Source: Southernhospitalityblog.com

Some homeowners choose to simply secure bowls to sliding shelves, while others install a board to insert bowls into

There are many different ways to customize your shelf to create your own dog food station! There is no one way to do it, and it will depend on your own personal preferences. If you are looking for the simplest way to do it, you can create something like picture #1 above. You will simply need a slide-out shelf, food and water bowls, and something to secure the bowls in place for when your dog is using them (so they don’t fall off the sides).

If you want to create something like the second option, you will have to get a bit more creative. You will want to get a water-resistant type material for the cover, such as laminate or melamine board. From there, you can create holes that will fit your dog food bowls.

Make sure the bowls are slightly raised above or that you have bowls with a slight lip around the edge. You will want to make sure there is JUST enough space for the bowls to fit through. It would not be good if food or water was constantly dripping or spilling beneath the bowls.

Keep in mind this is probably not an easy DIY task for beginners. If you do not know how to cut through the materials yourself to make the holes for your dog bowls, you can always go to a local hardware store to ask for help, or ask if you can order your cover materials with the holes already in place.

To fit the board in place, you will want to securely place it on top of the existing shelf. The board should be the exact same size. You can secure it in place with heavy-duty glue, such as PL Glue. PL Glue is described as the glue of choice for both professionals and DIYers, and can be used to secure almost everything. It’s waterproof and provides superior adhesion on almost every type of surface. Plus, it won’t leave any visible components (unlike screws or nails!)

When it comes to installing your shelf, that step will be the same as any other sliding shelf! Check out the quick video below to see an example of a DIY Shelf installation.



Some homeowners choose to add the custom elements after the shelf is installed, others prefer to work while it is more accessible. It’s up to you – but the installation process will be the same.


Sliding Shelf Dog Food Station Ideas

Need some inspiration for your own project? Check out these sliding shelf dog food stations from around the web!

Toe Kick Food Station

Image Source: bhg.com

This cute dog food station was made from a simple toe-kick drawer. As you can see, the lip of the metal bowl completely covers any potential opening, ensuring that any spilled food or water remains ON the shelf instead of seeping underneath.


Raised Large Station

Image source: decorpad.com

If you have a bigger dog, this raised dog food station may be best for you! This station has been installed in a wide sliding shelf. These homeowners have even added a pattern to the top board, making it attractive even when pulled out!


 Open Shelf Food Station

Image source: decorpad.com

Sliding shelves don’t have to be added to a cabinet or pantry! These sliding shelves converted into food trays have been installed in an existing shelving unit in a mud room! If you want your dog bowls out of the kitchen, consider adding your new sliding shelf trays to existing shelves in a mudroom or laundry room.


Create Your Own Dog Food Station With DIY Sliding Shelves!


DIY sliding shelves are perfect for your own dog food station. They are perfectly even around all sides, making it easy to install a board right on top or fit your dog bowls snug inside. They are also great for anywhere around the home! DIY shelves brilliantly hide everything away and allow you to view every item inside, even those at the very back of your cabinets, pantries, and closets, quickly and easily. DIY Shelfworks will custom make your very own gliding shelves to perfectly fit into your existing cupboards.


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