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15 Unexpected and Practical Sliding Shelves Storage Ideas

You may already know that sliding shelves are a great way to organize your kitchen pantry or cabinets. But sliding shelves are more versatile than that! They can be used in any room of the house and to help store and organize so many different items. In this article, you will learn about 15 unexpected and practical storage ideas and hacks using sliding shelves. To learn more about all the great ways you can use custom sliding shelves, contact the experts at DIY Shelfworks now!


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15 Unexpected and Practical Sliding Shelves Storage Ideas

Pull out shelves are great for organizing your kitchen pantry, but they can also do so much more. Don’t miss out on these 15 great ideas for pull out shelves!


#1 – For Your Linen Closet 

Image source: Pinterest.com

Towels can often get pushed back and completely disorganized in your linen closet. It can also be hard to keep smaller bath items like face clothes, loofahs, and other products from falling off your shelves! With sliding shelves, you can organize all of your towels and other bathroom accessories with ease. Not only that, but they will always stay in place and you will never have trouble finding your favourite loofah again!


#2 – For Your Laundry Room 

Customer photo of DIY Sliding Shelves

Laundry rooms are often-forgotten spaces in the home. However, if you aren’t ready for a whole laundry room renovation, adding a few sliding shelves can make your weekly laundry routine a lot easier.

You won’t have to constantly look for your detergent or bend down and awkwardly reach for your dryer sheets. With custom-made shelves that fit perfectly into your new or existing cabinets, you can finally get the laundry room you have always dreamed of.



#3 – For Your Bedroom Closet

Image source: homesanddesign.com

Sliding shelves can be a great addition to your bedroom closet. If you are running low on space, you can even get rid of your current dressers and install sliding shelves directly into your closet instead. They are the perfect place to keep shirts, ties, accessories, and more!


#4 – Or, As A Shoe Rack

Image source: woodmeister.com; Retrieved from: homedit.com

If you have an ever-growing collection of shoes and just can’t seem to find the perfect organization solution for them, sliding shelves can help! These pull out drawers can go anywhere, from your bedroom closet to the closet at your front entrance. Your shoes will be organized, and better yet, out of sight!


#5 & #6 – Multi-Purpose Flat Shelves

Image source: totalspacedesign.houzz.com; Retrieved from: homedit.com

You can buy many pull out shelves in custom dimensions, and purchasing one or two wide and flat style shelves is a great way to get multi-purpose use out of them (that’s why this is number 5 and 6!) With flat shelves, you can permanently or temporarily keep lots of items such as cutlery,  papers and documents, and even office supplies like extra staples or paper clips at hand.

However, you can also use them as a desk! Yes, that’s right – if you need a temporary workspace, these shelves can even function as a worktable for you to jot down a few notes or write your grocery list. Of course, this works best if you have designated the shelves for this function. It would be a bit of a pain to constantly move items in and out of your drawers! However, if you need a handy little workstation/hidden “junk drawer,” sliding shelves are perfect for you!


#7 – For Your Garage or Shed

DIY sliding shelves

Custom Sliding Shelves by DIY Shelfworks

Pull out shelves are not just for inside your house – you can also add them to your garage or shed. The customer photo shown above gives a great example of what you can do with DIY sliding shelves! The wide, flat shelf contains dividers, perfect for separating and organizing a wide variety of tools and materials. This can be a wonderful addition to your garage, shed, or workshop.


#8 – For Your Mudroom

Image source: bhg.com

If you are looking for simple ways to increase the functionality of your mudroom, then pull out shelving can do wonders for you. You can keep seasonal items easily accessible, store away shoes, and keep items such as dog leashes or outdoor accessories organized. If you don’t have a mudroom, sliding shelves can also work amazingly in your entrance closet!


#9 – Under Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Sinks

Sliding Shelve by Glidingshelf.ca

Did you know that you can install pull out shelves right under your sink? Adding sliding shelves under your kitchen sink is one of the best ways to avoid losing track of your cleaning products, like dishwasher pods or pot scrubbers! Under the sink is one of the most difficult places to access – but not with sliding shelves! They are also perfect for under sinks in your bathroom too. Great for storing makeup, beauty products, extra accessories, and more.


#10 – For Your Entire Kitchen Pantry

Customer photo of DIY Sliding Shelves In Kitchen Pantry

It’s no surprise that you can add pull out shelves to your kitchen. But have you ever thought about replacing every shelf in your pantry to create a fully-functional pull-out pantry!? Well, that is exactly what this homeowner did as seen in the image above.

Forget ever having to reach into your pantry or squat down to grab your favourite snack from the back! Adding sliding shelves to your whole pantry is one of the best ways to keep your food products organized – and well within sight. You won’t have to worry about food rotting or going bad because you forgot it was in there anymore!


#11 – For Your Home Office

Image source: Marthastewert.com

Adding one or two sliding shelves to your home office is an attractive and practical solution for storing large office items like printers or binders. You can also create fun DIY home office projects like this retrofitted hutch turned office caddy! It can turn into a fun do-it-yourself project, and you’ll end up with a highly functional product! To see more DIY shelf ideas, click here!


#12 – For Your Home Library 

Image source: williamlesch.com; Retrieved from: homedit.com

Do you have so many books you just don’t know where or how to even store them? Sliding shelves can turn any room into a pull out library! Of course, your home may not be able to accommodate a full-scale home library, but you can add a few sliding shelves to your favourite bookcase or to your office to help store and organize your books.


#13 – For Your Attic

Image source: blue-ribbon-construction.com

This project showcased by Blue Ribbon Construction is a great example that shows just how versatile pull out shelves are! In this example, they are used as mini-beds and seating spaces in a recently renovated attic. However, you can also choose to use them for storage in your attic. Attics are often dirty, disorganized, and cluttered – but they don’t have to be! You can install sliding shelves to get more out of your attic then ever before.


#14 – For Underneath Your Staircase

Image source: Miles Enterprises; Retrieved from: designsponge.com

Unfortunately, the space under your stairs is often left empty and without any purpose. That is too bad, because it can easily be turned into practical storage space! Especially in smaller homes, you can use under staircase spaces to help organize your clutter and items you just don’t know where to put. In the image above, this homeowner chose to install large sliding shelves under their stairs and turn it into a functional pantry. Now that’s a great use of space!


#15 – For Your Wine Cellar 

Image source: Chango.com

Sliding shelves keep your wine cellar organized and to protect your bottles from falling and spilling. Some even choose to add labels and other custom accessories to keep things even more organized. Adding sliding shelves is both a fun and practical way to organize your wine cellar.

Keep track of these different ideas with this handy checklist!


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