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Looking for great kitchen shelf and pantry organization ideas? The thought of organizing your kitchen can feel a bit overwhelming – but with these great tips and ideas, your kitchen will feel like an organized haven in no time. Your kitchen should truly feel like ‘the heart of the home,’ and these ideas can help with that. To learn even more about great kitchen organization ideas, contact the experts at DIY Shelfworks!


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13 Best Kitchen Shelf and Pantry Organization Ideas

No matter what style and design your kitchen shelf, cabinet, or pantry is, you’ll be sure to find that some or all of these designs can work well for you and your kitchen.


#1. Install Sliding Shelves

DIY sliding shelves help organize your cabinet and pantry items


Sliding shelves are one of the best ways to organize any kitchen shelf or pantry. Sliding shelves come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and depths. You can even get custom sliding shelves to fit perfectly in your existing cabinet or pantry! Sliding shelves help ensure that all of your kitchen items, snacks, spices, pots, pans, and whatever else you store in your pantry stays organized. It makes your cooking essentials accessible, so you won’t have to bend or awkwardly reach to get your favourite items.

At DIY Shelfworks, we offer both preassembled and unassembled sliding shelf box kits. Our shelves can be easily installed anywhere in the home, including your kitchen pantry, laundry room, bathroom, under sinks, in the garage or shed, and even in the bedroom! One of the best things about DIY sliding shelves is that you can order them completely online! Click here to shop, or click here to learn how you can shop online.


#2. Label Everything

You can make your own pantry labels right at home!
Image source: Housebeautiful.com


What’s worse than grabbing the wrong spice or seasoning, or searching endlessly for that one ingredient you just can’t live without? Putting items into reusable containers and labelling them will help ensure you always know where your cooking ingredients are. Plus, it also helps you realize quickly when you’re running low on something and reduces the number of clunky boxes and bags stored haphazardly in your cabinets.


#3. Add Extra Kitchen Shelves

Extra shelves can be added almost anywhere
Image Source: Midwestliving.com


If you lack built-in kitchen shelves, you may want to add more of your own! This is a fun way to customize your kitchen space, and increase functionality. Extra shelves can go virtually anywhere! If you have a small kitchen, you can add them around and above appliances, like your fridge. Or, if you have some items you’d like to put on display, place shelves directly across from your kitchen table. Ensure that you keep your shelves organized too, or else they can end up making your kitchen look cluttered.


#4. Basket Storage

You can find baskets for cheap at dollar stores or big-box stores
 Image Source: Pinterest.com


One creative way people are taking back their kitchens is by organizing using baskets and containers! This method is cost-effective and is perfect for storing snacks and canned food. This is also a great method for those who are renting their home or apartment – it requires zero installation or modification, and can be taken with you when you move out!


#5. Cutlery Organizers

Cutlery organizers can be built-in (like the one above) or removable


Cutlery seems small and unassuming – that is, until you need to find the perfect spot for it! Because most of us have quite a bit of cutlery, it can be a challenge finding the right place for it. However, adding cutlery organizers is one simple way to make that task a lot easier. You can also store other kitchen items, like chip bag clips, serving utensils, spatulas, and more. You can buy custom, built-in organizers (like the one shown above), or, for a more cost-effective option or if you cannot modify your kitchen, you can buy inserts!


#6. Dividers For Pan Storage

Dividers can help organize trays and pans
Image Source: apartmenttherapy.comRachel Jacks


Pans are often one of the most difficult things to store on any kitchen shelf or in your pantry or cabinets. Pans tend to flop over when even gently moved, or stick together when you try to take just one out! This simple wooden pan storage system is easy to install and can make a big difference for your pantry’s organization! You won’t have to worry about pans and trays falling over. It also lets you get a better view of all of your items, so you can always select the most appropriate one.


#7. Stacking Inserts

Stacking inserts can help organize pots and pans
Image Source: apartmenttherapy.comRachel Jacks


For any tall kitchen cupboard that lacks functionality, these cost-effective stacking inserts are a great way to reclaim your shelf and pantry space. Add your own shelves wherever you feel necessary! Using stacking inserts, you can easily store items like pans and pots that may have otherwise had to stack on top of each other instead.


#8. Add Hooks

Hooks can be added to the back of any cabinet door
Image source: Housebeautiful.com


Don’t be afraid to utilize the backs of your pantry or cabinet doors. Adding hooks is a fun and functional way to store utensils, like spatulas and ladles. It’s also okay if not every pantry ‘matches’ – you can have cutting boards and utensils in the same place. As long as you know where everything is and it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters!


#9. Hanging Door Pockets

Shoe holders can be repurposed to store small items
Image Source: Midwestliving.com


On the note of utilizing door space, these door hanging pockets are perfect for any walk-in pantry! If you have a larger kitchen with a big pantry door, that doesn’t automatically mean your space is more organized. In fact, the bigger the space, the harder it is to organize in most cases. This organizer is actually a plastic shoe rack, repurposed for storing small kitchen items!


#10. Veggie Baskets

Baskets can be used to store onions, potatoes, and more!
Image source: Pinterest.com


Vegetables that don’t go in the fridge, like onions and potatoes, can be hard to store. The bags they come in are often bulky and difficult to maneuver in and out of pantries, especially if your pantry is narrow or you use a corner cabinet. These stackable containers allow your veggies to breathe while stored in your pantry, plus it makes them super easy to access – even when they are stacked!


#11. Storage Container Organizers

Use baskets to organize your containers and lids
Image Source: bhg.com


Food storage containers are a handy way to take your lunch or dinner anywhere with you! However, they can quickly clutter up your pantry and lead to lots of disorganization. Lids are especially notorious for getting lost or misplaced, only to be found in a different drawer or shelf months later! These simple baskets are the perfect way to keep your storage containers…contained!


#12. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan can make your items easily accessible
Image source: Housebeautiful.com


A Lazy Susan can help make your awkwardly shaped corner cabinets much more functional and practical. They are a great way to corral small items like canned food or condiments, and help prevent excess bending and stretching into your cabinets! Adding a Lazy Susan or two to your kitchen shelf is not only functional, but it looks great and helps you keep everything in its place.


#13. Utilize Under Shelf Space

Under shelf space is underused – but a great storage space!
Image source: bhg.com


We’ve talked about making the most of your pantry door, of adding in Lazy Susans and stackable shelves – but what about under your shelf? No one really thinks about all the space that is lost underneath your shelf. However, as you can see from the picture above, it’s an ideal spot to store small, flat items – like your food container lids! Kitchen organization is not just about having everything in its place, but also about making the most out of all your space.


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